Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Adieu, April

So we bid adieu to another month. And we say hello to the first month of May (a holiday, what a good way to start the month right?)
This month, I hope that everything will turn out fine for me. And that my computer will stop lagging and I will have tons of sponsorers/advertisers/readers! ♪( ´▽`)
The month of April has been an eventful month for me, filled with school reopening, new relationships, new friends and marks the start of a hopefully more peaceful life. For this blog, it has attained much of the goals that I have set for the month of April (except the fact that it has not hit my 17k targeted total views). However, I would like to thank all the readers who has come and gone and who has stayed to read my blog just cause they want to know what is going on in my really boring and small little life. 

Thank you to those 16.8K viewers and also to those 3,821 blog readers for this month ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Its the stats that really motivates me to put in effort in each post I put up. Which explains why I am totally reluctant to do a blog post filled with half-crappy photos taken using my iPhone (I need a new camera). 
I want a blog filled with nice photography and kick-ass content so that's my ultimate goal for this blog. As for the month of May, my resolutions to myself is to not be so lazy, not spend so much mullah and to stick to my study schedule. 
For my blog, I wish to attain 17.5K views by the end of May *le prays* ( *`ω´)
Shall end off this little post with a few pictures and a sneak preview of an advertorial which will be up latest by 2 May! 
Do stay tuned for it as there is a 10% Discount coupon you guys can use! 

Just recovered from a major flu but I'm still camwhoring. Really sorry for the blur pictures as they were taken using iPhone front camera. A last narcissistic photo of better quality.

Taken using my cammy (after 10 failed shots, this finally came though).
That's all for this little post. Thank you and I hope all you readers will stick around to read my posts in the new month of May!

P.S; The upcoming advertorial! ^~^
So excited for this!

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