Friday, 25 May 2012

Fynale Honoo Red Review

I realised I have been doing so many lens review but that's cause my lenses are close to expired and I just leave them in one corner to gather dust. I don't know if its just me but I get a tad sad when I have to throw my lenses away. Somehow, I feel that I have yet to completely utilize them to their full potential. That aside, today's review is on Fynale Honoo Red.

These are my very first pair of fynale lenses/ red lenses and honestly speaking, I was a little disappointed in them.
Don't get me wrong. Fynale series are awesome. They are like GEO but with the comfort level of Luxury Babe lenses.

I seriously didn't know what went into my head when I decided to get a pair of red lenses. I think it was cause of the "Nekomimi" craze that I was into sometime back...and coupled with the influence of Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo. Either way, this lenses are close to a hot pink and I was expecting crimson red.
Don't mind the curly wurly edges of the lens. They were abit dried up and shrivelled when i found them.

I have to admit that they are scary. Like really a tad bit scarier than all my other weirdly coloured lenses. Maybe its my eyes but they definitely look hot pink here. This was taken under normal room lighting. Pardon my eyebags and bad quality photo.

Here they are under bright lighting/flash. The design is very vivid and the colour is definitely a pink here. So I was thinking: "Are these really red lenses?" I didn't get to wear them much seeing as they are a tad bit scary and if I look too long at someone, they would think I wanted to get into a fight with them. That's how all Singaporean punks are. Look a second too long = let's have a fight.

One lenses in and one without lenses. Enlargement is pretty good. When I first got them, I was a tad bit disappointed with the enlargement but that has to do with the fact that I was crazily obsessed over 16mm lenses and these were only 15.8 or 15.5mm?

Comfort: 9/10
When I first open the vials, they smelled like...Peppermint and yup they were really comfortable even after long hours of wearing them.

Price: 5/10
This...are pricey. I gotten them at $18 if I remembered correctly and I only wore them like three times so its definitely not a good investment on my part

Colour: 4/10
Good if you wanted a hot pink lens. Bad if you wanted a pure red lens. I think I was crazy to get these. Cause I should have gotten brown or some distinctly humane colour. >:(

Enlargement: 8/10
Enlargement was natural and yet quite noticeable so that's a plus point but they aren't crazily huge. Then again... red isn't a very natural colour

Nope. Don't like the colour cause its hot pink and scary. I really prefer brown/grey and maybe a shade of green nowadays. Natural looking no? So yep. Maybe if I was into cosplay and stuff, I would adore these lenses but for the time being, no.

Lens Information
Series name: Fynale Honoo Red
Diameter: 14.5mm :0
Base curve: 8.60mm
Water content: 38%

I will be back tomorrow with another post of me and my darling boy! :D Else it will be just a review if I'm uberly tired. Night sweetheart and sugar bunnies.

A picture of me with my scary Fynale lenses :o
Sorry for my thick bushy eyebrows. I need to get them trimmed soon. 

Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. Never use the red contact lens. Feels weird. =P

    1. Yep! totally agree. It really is quite weird isn't it (:

  2. I just received these lenses and had to check out reviews to see what they look like when worn!
    I actually like how they look, a cool pinkish red! (then again, I'm a fan of unnatural and vivid lenses)
    Can't wait to try them on! :D Thanks for the review!

    1. Ah! This post is so long ago! But I am glad you got to see how they look when worn! I guess I grew old and grew boring :< Not used to unnatural colors now... I can't wait to see your review on them, if you are doing one that is!


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