Thursday, 7 June 2012

#137; Super Barbie Bambi Gray

Seeing as I haven't been blogging regular posts these few days, I shall make it up with a post. I seem to be doing a lot of circle lenses review these few weeks/months but that is cause my lenses are close to expired/expired. Which totally explains the spam of circle lens review. 

Today's lenses that I will be reviewing are the Super Barbie Bambi Grey. I have a lot of the Bambi series in different colour and different brands. But I still prefer the GEO's one.

I don't have a picture of them in their lens cases as I have thrown them away before realizing this :/ *hit self on head* So I shall start with pictures of them on my pretty eyes!

Here they are under normal room lighting. They look glassy, the pattern isn't that visible but there is a faint yellow inner rim.

A picture of them in my eyes under harsh lighting. Pattern and colour is very visible then! Pardon my eyebags, yes I am sleeping later and later cause of the exams!

Here are my rating on them:

Comfort: 8/10 *Pretty comfortable but need some eye drops after a few hours*

Enlargement: 8/10 *These lenses are advertised as 16.2mm but feels like 15.8-16mm lenses. Enlargement is good though ^~^ *

Colour: 7/10 *The colour wasn't deadly vibrant like my luxury 03 lenses . The colour is very noticeable under harsh artificial lighting*

Re-purchase: Nope. Colour wasn't too vibrant so didn't really appeal to me. But the pattern is pretty enough and this really look like GEO's Bambi Grey. I have yet to try GEO bambi grey though so I do not know if the colour is more noticeable than this.

Picture spam time~ ^^

Spot my Rilakkuma~

No, I do not have "bageh" (buckteeth) I just like to take photos like that! :B

Some good news, I shall migrate my blog to a personal domain really really soon! Which means I will have a new link! But don't worry! You can type in the old URL and be redirected to the new site! :D
Secondly, I am contemplating doing up a video seeing as my YouTube is really dead.

That's all folks ^~^
I will be back this coming Friday with a nail tutorial to celebrate the start of my short June holidays!
Stay pretty and drop me a formspring question as well as "LOVE" my page!
Thank you ^~^

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