Monday, 11 June 2012

#138; Letter to the future me

I read somewhere that you could send an Email and receive it later on in the future, and I think this is a very good idea. I can envisioned myself growing old and reading back on this blog post. Who knows, I may still continue blogging even when I am married and have kids and grandchildren etc. Therefore, I want to dedicate this post to the future me.

Dear me,

Don't be so stubborn sometimes. You win some and you lose some. Take things as they are and try not to worry too much. Sometimes, you worry about the littlest thing. Fuss over the tiniest of details and make yourself stress beyond humanely possible. I know how sometimes, you can finish breakfast and start worrying about what you are gonna have for dinner and this is your bad habit and a flaw. Try to change that because it screws your body system. 

In love lesson, give in a 100% and nothing less. If you don't give your loved one a 100% then do not expect them to reciprocate that same amount of love. Sometimes, you may think back on those times when you got hurt, but those are the past. And remember that not everyone would hurt you with every chance that they get. Sometimes you should just let go and trust. And I know how sometimes, you feel so lonely with little friends who barely contact you. Just remember the good things in life. How wonderful your life is now that chubby cheeks is your husband and you're probably expecting Jovin junior. Friends come and go but the true ones really stay and go through thick and thin with you. Don't be so gullible to trust those around you, unless you are sure that they remain true to you.

Don't let those thoughts play with your minds. Sometimes, PMS can be such a bitch. Chubby cheeks is probably suffering so much now that you're living with him. You nag like no tomorrow. Even now, I tend to nag so much that people might mistake me for a mother. I know how insecure you may get. Sometimes, its just as simple as it is and you don't have to play back conversations with chubby cheeks and make yourself get miserable and sad like a kitten when he means what he said. Think about 9gag and how they stereotype woman as bitches when they are close to or having their period. Now, you don't want to fall into that type of category do you? Insecurity shouldn't tear you apart from a great guy like chubby cheeks. Sit down and have a good talk with him if you can't take it anymore.

I know you're one hell of a lazy woman. Don't you be so lazy anymore! You hear me? Now that you're staying with a very very clean freak like chubby cheeks, don't anyhow leave your clothes/bra hanging all over the place. He come home and explode at you then you know hor! *singlish max*
Clean up the house, its yours after all and you should make it a point to control how you spend the allowance money that chubby cheeks gave you. You don't need to keep so many extras. There won't be a war happening anytime soon you silly girl. Pampering yourself doesn't means spending half the household allowance on a spa package or that branded handbag that you have been eyeing. Remember that now you've a family, you can't just think about yourself and let your kids and husband starve or eat beansprouts and porridge everyday. Remember that chubby cheeks love cheese. Cook extra cheese broccoli  for the kids and him! 

I am probably nagging again so I should stop now. Remember the good times when you're in times of difficulty. Be humble and remember the difficult times when you're in times of good fortune and leave life to the fullest but do not take YOLO as a reason why you should do something stupid like jump off a waterfall or what. GET IT?! 

That's all. 

Me, 11/6/2012, 12:02am

P.S: You probably have wrinkles, saggy eyelids and not as chio as I am now! BLEAH! xD
Ok, I should stop making fun of you because... I feel a little forever alone typing this post. 

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