Thursday, 14 June 2012

#140; Candydoll lip concealer

Remember how I hauled a Candydoll lip concealer from a store in Gmarket. Well, today I'll be doing a review on them! *Finally!* v(^_^v)♪

Below are the swatch of them on my hand and you can read my initial review/impression here. (⌒▽⌒)

My lips are quite dark so it makes me sad that I can't get the whole Gyaru look!  (´Д` )
All gyarus have nudy lips :<
However with this lip concealer, it completes my whole gyaru look!

Do note that it is IMPORTANT for you to exfoliate your lips or else this concealer would look "lumpy" and "flaky" on your lips. Other than that, it is quite exfoliating and I really do love it. In fact, I can say I am glad I bought it!

Pair this with the NYX LSS 590- Honey Series and you would have the perfect Gyaru lips!

Here is a picture of my lips without any lipstick/lip concealer. Ugly dark lips.

And after some lip concealer! *BOOM* Instant Gyaru-fied! :D
I love how you only need a little concealer to have the perfect nudy lips. This means that one small little bottle can last you a long long way!
Did I mention that this works super well as a concealer for your face too? (◎_◎)

Two functions for the price of one! This really is a good buy and I did not regret buying it. In fact, I think I would re-purchase it again! 

This is a picture with nude lipstick + lip concealer + some lip gloss!
It really is a pity that nude lips don't really appeal to me anymore, I am currently obsessed with red lipstick and light makeup. Can't wait to do a makeup tutorial of my current look now (ゝ。∂)

Until next time,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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