Monday, 18 June 2012

#141; Sponsored Advertorial- Keizen Blue (Shoppingq-ueen)

For the local buyers who are looking to buy I.fairy lenses, you can head over to ShoppingQ-ueen's shop. The waiting time there is extremely short (7 working days after Supplier received payment). The prices that ShoppingQ-ueen has set for the prices of different lenses is reasonable and you should definitely check them out.

The owner was nice enough to sponsor me a pair of lenses on top of the I.fairy Nova brown that I ordered from her. She sent in her orders on a Wednesday and on Saturday, she SMS-ed telling me that the lenses have reached her ^~^
Ain't that fast?

Here is the lenses that I chose, I.fairy Keizen Blue. This is one of the older I.fairy series.

Look at the cute little bottles that they come in *gushes*
I.fairy has recently made new labels for their series and I think they are awesomely cute! :D

Make sure your I.fairy are authentic with the new security label! :D

And the Keizen Blue lenses. They remind me of GEO 3 tone series which are pretty and blends really well into the eyes.

These are how they look on my eyes under harsh lighting. A proper review of them will be up but I can say that the comfort of this lenses are like all I.fairy lenses that I have. Comfortable and I have no trouble wearing them for up to 8 hours. I really like how these lenses turn up on my eyes.

Boyffie said they made my eyes look grey, blue with a tint of yellow in the middle and black at the outer rims. :>Mysterious eh?

Me with the I.fairy Keizen blue lenses after a long long day out with my boy! :D

Head over to ShoppingQ-ueen now.
They sell Super barbie, Luxury lenses and the famous Hello Kitty lenses @ $12!
And their I.fairy retails at only $15/pair ^~^

How awesome is that? 
Did I mention that they sell nail polishes too?
Brands ranging from OPI to China Glaze to Essie! You will be spoiled for choice.

Don't wait and head to ShoppingQ-ueen! They also have wholesale rate and a lucky draw going on! :D
Check out the picture below! 
Major love right? 
Visit them now! <3

P.S; For Overseas reader, don't fret and don't be sad! A blog post will be up really soon on a place where you can get affordable lenses that ships internationally! :D
Hint: Uni***! :D

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