Tuesday, 19 June 2012

#142; Travel Log 1! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

I have stated that I will be travelling and here I am! Plugged into my Grandma's house WIFI and being a happy kid because I can blog about my travel. So far, I have been at Granny's house for a day (Blogging this on the 16/6/2012) and can already feel that extra pound forming around my tummy (´Д` )

This place is awesome! Granny is a great cook and the food around the area is extremely delicious. I don't think Singapore can ever recreate the food that I have here. Maybe its because I am finally back in the hometown that I was born in. Or maybe its because I miss Granny and Pappy so much! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

GrandPappy has lost his sight. This really makes me upset seeing him use a stick to "feel" his way around the house and I wish I could do something to make him feel better. His hearing isn't really good either but he is strong and doesn't want to trouble anyone, choosing instead to do everything by his own. He walks to the dinner table on his own and eat from his plate by his own without help from anyone. *sniff* I love Pappy and everytime I think about him and look at him, I can't help trying to hold back a tear. Enough of sad things, I checked in here to spam all the photos I took along the way to Granny's house.

The trip took us 8-9hours but we stopped a few times along the way to eat and stretch ourselves. I slept like three times along the way but still found enough time to snap a few photos along the way. The car was shaky though so poor quality photos! 

Just a tip when you want prata and you are in Malaysia!
Never say you want prata! They will give you prata with planta (butter spread). LOL
I ordered a prata and forgot that it was suppose to be roti chianai (chi-an-nai) and they gave me a thosei with planta and sugar :/
It tasted nice though, so no complains! :D

That's all for Travel Log Day 1! Will update with more!

Amanda Misaki Sea

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