Tuesday, 26 June 2012

#143; Sponsored Review- I.fairy Venus Red (Uniqso)

Like I mentioned before, overseas reader as well as local readers are in for a treat! The awesome Uniqso.com has sponsored me another pair of circle lenses to review. This time, they send me the I.Fairy Venus Redv(^_^v)♪

I was a little scared that they would turn out too over whelming and strikingly red (like the Fynale honoo red lenses) but they are surprisingly good with my normal day to day makeup! And I had a lot of fun playing around with the look that goes well with this pair of gorgeous red lenses! (Took me two failed photo taking sessions before I gotten the perfect one! (´Д` ) )

So onto the review! (ゝ。∂)

Here they are in the cute little teddy bear boxes! I have different designs now~

On top of the sponsored I.fairy Venus Red lenses that Uniqso has sponsored me, I bought a Beuberry Kitten Brown lenses just cause I have been eyeing them for quite a long long time! More photos of the I.fairy Venus Red lenses!

This series belongs to the latest I.Fairy that SUNnBON has come up with and I was mesmerised with how pretty this lenses are. The design on the lenses looks so...delicate!

Here they are on my eyes under normal room lighting.

Under bright/harsh lighting! ^~^
Sleepy eyes due to harsh flash >~<

A little blur cause I crop this out from the photos I took! BUT, they are super visible! :o

Here are the information for I.Fairy Venus Red:

Manufactured by: I.Fairy (SUNnBON)

Diameter: 16mm

Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm

Here is my take on the these lenses:

Comfort: 9/10 (^ー゜)
Comfortable due to the high water content in these lenses. Opened them and pop them straight in my eye and they were okay! :D

Enlargement: 8/10
These are bigger than my Super barbie lenses that I have and the enlarging effect is increased due to the thick black ring of the lenses. Love them!

Colour: 10/10
LOVE THEM! I love how the colour is a deep shade of maroon in normal room lighting and a passionate fiery but not too scary kinda red in bright lighting. These lenses are perfect if you're wearing medium to heavy make up and I love how they turned up in my eyes! 


See what I mean by the gorgeous colour? Love these circle lenses?
Get them at Uniqso.com today!
Use my code "AS10" to get 10% off the lenses- I.fairy Venus red, that I am wearing! 
Check out the promotions and rewarding point system they have too! :D

Did I mention they ship WORLDWIDE? :o

Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. ohh love this lens on you. its definitely not striking or scary or vampire-ish on you ^^

    P.S. now i am afraid about opening my bottle of fynale honoo red lens. hahaha

    1. Thank you for the compliments ^~^ They look really pretty!
      I guess the fynale honoo red lenses are more... Pink? Like hot pink! Try putting on heavier makeup with those lenses! ^~^


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