Sunday, 3 June 2012

Giveaway, anyone?

Totally unexpected but this post is gonna have goodies to bribe you guys to like my page. Heh!
Okay, although I am not as rich as PXD can give out camera all those but yeaaaaa... Like please? :>

A quite lousy photo of what I am giving away but here it is! A nicer photo will be out when I reach my targeted amount of like! I am giving away a set of lashes! The first is a pair of Diamond lash fairy eye, second is I<3Matsuge lower lashes in Dolphin eye, and also an eyemazing lower lashes in 202. The one on top is a dollywink no.1 DUP! Nice hor? All the pretty Japanese lashes! :D

Also giving away, a pair of 0 degree Kimchi Choco Brown lenses (comes with casing). A few accessories (A connector ring and many many rings). A baby pink and baby blue hair bow and a set of makeup brushes! I might throw in a few more goodies!

Tempted to win all these? Like my page!
Get me 50 likes please! Then I will open a giveaway for all this pretty items! And for international reader, this is your lucky chance to win something! Giveaway will also be applicable to overseas reader! 
(Aren't I awesome, laughs!) 

Like now and get your friends to like too! :D

Now that I am done with my shameless advertising (actually feel pretty shy/embarrassed), I shall say a little bit about the upcoming posts that I will be doing once I have the time to do so:
-Candydoll Lip concealer review
-Diamond Lash review in Fairy eye
-DollyWink in Real nude lower lashes review

How's that? Finally I am doing some lashes review :x

Alright, do remember to keep reading and stay pretty! :D


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