Friday, 1 June 2012

A short update!


Its the exam period now and I am really stressed up :/ which explains why my health is deteriorating and I am feeling so angst on twitter. I feel even more frustrated that I can't blog as much as I can but I promise that I have packed a hell load of posts this month cause there is a two week holiday! :D Now isn't that nice of me?
I will be back soon, hopefully tomorrow, with a new post and I hope you will keep yourself entertain reading my tweets or my old posts! In the meantime, do like my Facebook page if you haven't yet as I am gonna reveal some goodies that I am giving away as soon as I hit a certain number of likes! :D

Its upsetting how I packed so much makeup reviews, circle lens review and DIY projects into one month but won't have much time to do it until the 8June! But I will try to put up some tidbits for you guys!

An old photo I took sometime back :/
Top from Her Velvet Vase :>

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