Thursday, 5 July 2012

#147; Going blonde

I'm backkkkkk~
So I didn't really get to blog the last few days because I was lazy :/ 
I wish I had more time on my hands to do the things I could do and not procrastinate for so long. But I guess that's just how I am. 

I was thinking if I should go blonde (golden blonde) cause chubby cheeks has blonde hair. At first, I told him that his hair is a shade of "Ah beng Golden Yellow". He defended his hair by saying that its "BLONDE" like an "Ang Moh Golden Blonde" ._______. 

And here is how I look with boyffie shade of "Ang Moh Golden Blonde"! Not bad right?!
I really love this hairstyle! It is so effin cute! But unfortunately, this hair style only goes well with makeup. Because I look so pale without makeup *floats*

I don't know why but I absolutely adore this photo even though it makes me look so... Thai? 
Upper lashes- Eyemazing 001
Lower lashes- DRAW ON! :P Shall do a tutorial on how to do up this look!
Lenses- I.Fairy Super Crystal Brown

My lower lashes look like DollyWink Baby Cute lashes, don't they?
Do continue reading my blog, to learn how to achieve this kind of lash effect without using any falsies!

Rilakkuma Honey Biscuit that Chubby Cheeks bought for me! See the wrapper? So cuteeeeee! I really can't bear to eat it ;<

My awesome dinner! I hope you're reading this in the middle of the night, so you'll be hungry! >:D
My favourite is the Ebi mayo with fish roe.
I don't know why but I really love crabmeat. Its bordering on obsession.

PSSSSST!~ Going to USS with Chubby Cheeks! :p
Hope it doesn't rain ><

That's all for now! I'll be back tomorrow with a review on Dollywink Long Mascara!
P.S; I LIED! I'm not blonde. That's a wig but I got pretty good comments from friends who told me my new "hair" was gorgeous only to be shocked that I turned up for school with my usual honey brown hair >;)
*Inserts watch out we got a bad ass meme*

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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