Wednesday, 18 July 2012

#151; TGG! ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

I am mad sorry I haven't been updating for so long! I only managed to get some time for myself cause its the e-learning week! This week is a mad busy week for me considering how there are some very important tests on Thursday and Friday! Wish me luck!

I have posted on my Facebook page, that I will be hosting another giveaway. Mainly because, this month is my beloved blog's first year anniversary. I will be changing to a domain hosted by blogger but you can still key in the old link and be redirected to my blog.

Here's an overview of what, I will be giving away in my 1 year anniversary TGG (The Great Giveaway). And since I was in a generous mood + I had sponsors :x There will be 3 prizes to be won!

The First Prize: Everything good!

First set of prize:
-Diamond lash (Fairy Eye) x 1 pair
-Eye<3Matsuge (Dolphin Eye, Lower lash) x 1 pair
-Eyemazing no. 202 (Lower lash) x 1 pair
-DollyWink DUP in Sweet Dolly x 1 pair
-Set of makeup brush
-2 hair bows
-a set of accessories
-Nude stockings as seen on VIVI. (oops forgot to add that into the banner :x)

Second and third prize: Accessories!

I used the same picture as above... Because :x There is just so many accessories! In so many different designs! The accessories seen are not the full set you might be getting, mainly because they are wrapped up and I didn't want to take out too many for photography (too pretty). All accessories are sponsored by CuteLittleStrawberries as advertised by PXDKitty and Kiyomi Lim.

To stand a chance to win the first prize, enter using the PunchTab thing below:

To stand a chance to win a set of many many many accessories, either, "Like" and "Share" the giveaway at this link: HERE! :D
Or Tweet about the giveaway with the hashtags #amandamisaki , #giveaway ! :D
Contests ends on the 1 August, 2359 and winners will be announced on the 3 August! 

-VIVI Inspired Nude stockings (Really pretty!) Sponsored by Parapara Daisu
-Accessories as seen Sponsored by CLS. Like their FB Page here: CLS FB Page 


  1. At the end of the post it says to either Like or Share the giveaway at a link but I can't see it ><

    1. OMG! I'm so sorry! >< Didn't realise I left that out! I have edited it now! :D

  2. ♥ FB name: Jace Koh

    I've done all steps!! thanks for the giveaway babe!! very nice blog!! =P

    1. Hi Jace,

      Yup! ^~^ seen your entries! Thank you for the compliment and good luck! :D


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