Friday, 20 July 2012

#152; Travel + Photo Log 1- Malaysia

I'm back with another post! I know I haven't really been blogging much at all (seems like I've been starting the post with this sentence almost everytime). But I have been busy/procrastinating! I wanted to blog about the USS trip with Chubby Cheeks but all my photos are in my cammy and its gonna take awhile for me to get them edited! So I shall just blog about my Malaysia trip.

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A random picture of my big big Rila, whom accompanied me along the trip to Malaysia!

Some shots of the sky while in the car. I can't help but love clouds. Everytime I feel stressed up and cluttered, I would raise my head and look at clouds. It makes me feel small, as if my worries are minuscule and they don't really matter... Not much anyway.

Time for a relaxing cup of coffee (laughs)
My second time at Starbucks. I ordered the Caramel Macchiato but what I really wanted was the drink that Chubby Cheeks ordered for me, the very first time at Starbucks. Sister ordered Green Tea Latte.

Random selca! Sister and I was trying to take the perfect "Tumblr feel" photo. I personally love this shot.

My hair was utterly.... yea. No words can describe this monstrosity that is my hair. Ahhh well... Now its really nice and smooth *flips*

Giant selca of me!
Wearing I.fairy Super Crystal Brown!

Gotten a bit peckish so we ordered this pie thing which was really good! Though the crust was a litttle hard.
Also ordered a lemon cheesecake but it didn't look good in photos (too pale!). 
If you asked me, I would say, I prefer the lemon cheesecake over this pie!

That's all for now! 
All in all, I visited three places while I was in Malaysia. First being Granny's house at Sungei Petani (Somewhere near Penang). Then Penang and KL; Kuala Lumpur. 

All the photos here are taken by me, so please credit if you were to use it ^~^
All taken with iPhone 4 Camera. Edited with various photography apps.

Second photo log will be up tomorrow.
Destination; Penang!

Much Loves and Kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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