Saturday, 21 July 2012

#153; Le Amor, my dear

This week was packed with a whole bunch of tests. NP is bent on piling stress on their students. Just when you think, everything is going smoothly and you can start on revision for the major exams. *BAM* Here comes a test, oh no take another one. No no! Good things come in three! 

Having done all three tests in a week, I'm finally slightly relieved. Just slightly. 
Here's a little recap of the things I said after each test that occurred this week.

Le Spanish Test;
Maestro Esteban: *spouts Spanish phrases of which I can only make out "Buenas Norches (Good evening)*
Me: *Gives deer caught in spotlight face, nods, smile and walk out of the door*
Then I thought I would make out of those NP Pearly front gates in time, but NO! le Maestro had to pop up again. Repeats above situation.

Ok, so I'm awkward. Like really awkward. I know I should be polite and reply something! Even if its in English but I forgotten what to say suddenly. My brain was so choke full of Spanish phrases and sentences that I have completely forgotten what to say. I think, if I were to reply, I would suddenly spout out "YO ME LLAMO AMANDA!". 

Le CMA Test;
Me: F**K. 

Test was hard. Test was especially excruciating on the average brain. Test was assumed to be easy but test had tricky sneaky parts that tripped you and made you lose those beautiful 12 marks that could have been yours.

Le Blaw Test;
Me: MEH .__.

This test was a no kick. I only read through the slides once and that's all. Hopefully, I pass.... hopefully.

After having came home with my brain semi-fried, I headed into my room and binge on cookies, chocolate marshmallow and wang wang.

My favourite Choco & Coffee cookies! I swear these are damn good! A box cost about $2.50 at my school co-op but cost me more than $3 at other Japanese snack shop. Anyway, notice the floral printed background?

It is my new duvet! Mad love it! But its a little warm. 
After having binge on snacks (I am turning into a fat ass), I fell asleep with my new and old blankets. The old ones were covering my upper part of the body whereas the new ones were covering my feet (I have le cold feet).

Had dinner at "The Asian Kitchen" located at Ion Orchard (Right beside Burger King). The food there was really good but having only ate snacks and a sandwich throughout the whole day, I was starving. Before I could even take photos of my dishes, I ate them all. *quotes evil laughter*

I did take a photo of this fabulous Mango Sago dessert! By far, the best I have tasted. 
If you were to head to The Asian Kitchen to eat, I recommend the sour plum crispy duck, eggy bowl of rice, tanghoon paradize, Milk tea with pearls and this Mango sago dessert!

Mad love Little Twin Stars cause they look so adorable! 
But reminds me of incest. Ahhhhh well....

Saw this adorable puppy in Ion Orchard. WAI YOU SO PAMPERED?
It sat on this baby stroller with a mini fan and just enjoyed all the adoration piled on it. I'm never gonna have a dog like this. Mainly because I can't imagine what this furry little creature is gonna do to my child. I swear it look like a lion cub. No joke.

That's all for now, shall update soon with Travel + Photo Log 2; Malaysia. 
Much Loves and kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea 


  1. Foreign language tests are always awkward. You get that awful pit in your stomach and get super nervous, especially if you are like me and you think you sound stupid when you speak another language. I'm hispanic and I can't speak spanish... and I have the WHITEST accent when speaking any spanish, so I refuse to do it :) And I agree with you on the Little Twin Stars thing... sometimes they are a little too close together, and the brother looks too happy.

    1. Yes! I agree with you. I sound totally silly introducing myself in spanish :x And I can't help but stutter or think I'm pronouncing the words all wrong. I like little twin stars cause they remind me of my boyfriend and I, they should be coupled instead of twins though :/

      Anyway, thank you for reading my blog! Really appreciate it sweetheart!

    2. Yeah, a star couple would be so cute!

      I love all the pictures you post, especially your hauls for the week posts :)

    3. Thank you! :D yup! Pretty glad about my hauls of the week posts~


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