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#154; Travel + Photo Log 2; Penang & KL

This is the last part of my travel + photo log. I actually wanted to separate them into the Penang and KL ones but I thought it would be interesting to publish them at one go. Really had a hard time editing the photos as my computer is so slow, so do appreciate the photos below! All photos are taken with my iPhone cammy and edited with HDR filters x some trade secret software :x

Caution: Picture heavy!


Grandpappy has this planted in his garden! Before we left for Penang, I couldn't resist leaning over to take a shot of this gorgeous little darling with my phone.

So, we were suppose to stay in Penang for two nights. And I was mad desperate to find a lodging that has wifi since I wanted to be able to keep in contact with Chubby Cheeks! Aunty was nice enough to let us put up with her and her lodgings has awesome wifi! Did I mention that Penang has awesome food? And even better Tumblr looking buildings?!

Really sorry about the horrendous quality photos. I took all the above while my dad was driving the car. Imagine le me with iPhone camera on standby and snapping randomly at pretty buildings that I see along the way. And the whole family was really hype and acting like a bunch of "suaku" cause those buildings are really too darned pretty.

Selca for the first day in Penang! I look horrendous in photos then because of my hair! Really screwed up curly hair but all that has changed!
I like this shot because it may appear that I have short hair. I lied to boyffie that I chop my hair instead of straightening it and he was shocked!
He really is quite innocent *giggles*

Unlike other bloggers, I do not own cute lovable and sometimes annoying pets. I don't have them sleeping with me/treating my foot like a toilet. BUT! I do have Rila! And he really is photogenic!

The first night, we had authentic Ramly burgers! Awesome stuff, really. 
And then mummy, sister and I decided that we would really love to have our hair done. Mainly because the hair saloon at Penang offers a relatively cheaper price than the saloon in SG. Having decided where we were to go to get our hair done, we woke up early the next morn for breakfast.

Breakfast was wonton mee, char kwey tiao and lor bak (picture).
The char kwey tiao and the lor bak is really good! In fact, daddy ordered a second plate of those awesome fried noodle and I shared it with him! 

Saw this huge ass fishy! The tank could hardly fit contain him!

To make it sweet and short, we got our hair done. The saloon really is way awesome than anything SG has to offer. Mainly because its only RM200 and you get pampered by two hair stylist at any one time! WTF!
I straighten my hair and had it trimmed and I think... I have pretty hair now. *flips hair*

Last photo of Penang before heading to KL!
Taken @ the Penang bridge! Really pretty yo!

Kuala Lumpur 

The view from my hotel was really quite lovely. I stayed somewhere near town and was just walking distance from so many awesome street vendors + shopping mall! The best part of the stay at KL, was that the hotel had free wifi!

I have fat tummy so I iz cover them up with purikura stickers. Photo of what I wore before heading out of hotel.

Had dinner at Pavilion which was walking distance from my hotel. It was so close to Sephora but I didn't enter cause I only had like RM 150 to spend at that time. Mummy and sister were mad over shoes there. Appropriately so, because they had sales! On top of their already mad cheap prices. 
Me? I gotten the dream item! Candydoll concealer in 01 from Sasa! It set me back about RM 58 but I was so happy!

After dinner and walking around, we retired for the night and my bad habits kicked in. 
I admit this is prettyyyyyy strange, but I like to doll myself up at night and then take tons of photo. 
In fact, most of my best photos are taken in the dead of the night. Ahhh well, I guess I am a vampire.

Upper lashes; Diamond lash in Fairy Eye
Lower lashes; Looks like DollyWink Baby Cute lashes, but I actually drew them on with an eyeliner.
I must be mad pro.

Looking damn smug here but I love my eyemake. The lighting in the hotel was a major turn off. They only have low orange lights. I know how low orange lights are suppose to make you feel horny and probably have le sexy time with your significant other but it was just a turn off to me. .____. 
I was suppose to use these photos for an advertorial about lenses
And yea..... #failed.

Still had fun though! 
Top from HerVelvetVase. Mad love shopping there!

The next morning, we woke super early to head to Mid Valley for major shopping. I dressed down! 
And felt so ugly, I didn't took too much photo.
Only manage to take this "Tumblr" feel photo

When we were at Mid Valley, we set off like a whole bunch of rabid rabbits. I gotten an extra RM 100 from daddy dearest, so I started seriously shopping.

Me and sister shopped together. Mainly because she was the only one who could keep up with my serious shopping mode. I walk extra fast when I am in this mode. Before mummy could clear the first level, we have already explore the whole mall and reached the top of the mall. 

Where we found a Mickey Mouse exhibition!
There were so many of them! But I took a few shots of my favourite!

If I remembered correctly, this one is aptly named "Lady Gaga". :x

Mad love this Mickey Couple. 

And I bet Chubby Cheeks would love this zombie themed Mickey.
Season 3 of walking dead is coming out soon! *GASP*
I can envision him and me cuddling on the sofa/bed watching downloaded episodes of Walking Dead after he books out of camp every Friday!

This was for some charity cause. Breast cancer? 

I like this one cause its bling bling. Like totally describe what I would do if I were suppose to make one of this Mickey. Zhng it with gems until he looks like a furry sequin mouse. *Quotes evil laughter*

A pretty cafe that I found. Sister was like "If Jovin proposes to you here, I bet you wouldn't even blink and just agree....Then again, even if he proposes to you outside a smelly public toilet, you would say yes too :/ "

Ahhh welll...
Mad love how vintage this place is. I want to have tea here too! And step one tai tai! But it was not to be.... 
Found daddy outside McDonalds and he treat us to ice cream :x

Damage done that day? About RM 100.
Bought: Headband, earrings, foundation, mascara and more stuff which my fuzzy brain cannot recall. 


What I think about this trip? 
- Awesome shopping trip. I had to worry about submitting my project work but I managed to get it done at Granny's house. June was the right moment to go because they have mangosteen! My fav! And because all the stores had sales. It was like a before xmas mad cheap sales. Plus minus the fact that there are some pervy uncles in KL, the trip was fun. 

Favorite shot! :D

Till next time lovely,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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