Tuesday, 24 July 2012

#155; Hauls for the week

I was supposed to do up this post on Sunday night, but I didn't anticipate that editing x blogging about my Malaysia travel would take up so much time. So here is an overdue haul post of what I have gotten last week.

I am trying so hard to cut down on the amount I spend, but I just can't help it when I see a sales! Either way, I am very proud of my hauls. The only set back to getting nice and new stuff, is the major depression that comes around everytime I check my account balance. Ahhh well...

A family picture of all the hauls that are proudly mine!

The nude stockings that Parapara Daisu sponsored for my blog giveaway. Major love how this looks so pretty! These stockings are featured in Vivi magazine. I was randomly flipping through my copy of them and spotted the exact same stocking! To join my giveaway, just click here to learn how you could win them and more attractive prizes.

Gotten this black floral fabric dream catcher from Red Roses on FB. 
She sells the prettiest dream catchers and are only available in limited quantity! In fact, it was so hard for me to get my hands on one of these. She also customizes iPhone casing and I ordered one from her for Chubby Cheeks' big 2-0! 

Rilakkuma screen protector. I am using the brown one now. Shall save the yellow one for another time. Major love how the brown screen protector goes so well with the casing that Chubby Cheeks gotten for me for our first monthsary. I gotten each for $6.50 and I was so tempted to get more! 

Rilakkuma makeup pouch ($18.30 from A&BC City Hall outlet)
I always wanted to get a Rilakkuma pouch for all my makeup. I probably have tons of makeup pouches at home but this is my favourite because this is spacious enough for all the makeup that I use frequently plus it is uber cute. They sell limited designs of the pouches and changes their stocks quite frequently but I am glad I manage to get a pouch from this series. If you are interested in other series and do not mind waiting, can try Rilakkuma Preorder.

CandyDoll Lipgloss in Orangy Peach ($15)
I gotten this lipgloss from i-Babydoll, she is clearing the instock DollyWink/CandyDoll as well as other Japanese makeup and this was going cheap! Gotten it because it was suppose to go well with the CandyDoll Apricot Beige lipstick I gotten from ShopOnBlog.

The lipgloss really does goes well with the lipstick and boyffie said it was very natural looking and better than the red lipgloss, I was so obsessed with the previous time. 
The lipgloss also goes well on the lips without the lipstick. Recommended!

Popteen past issue. Gotten from Popular @ $6~
I haven't bought Popteen for a long time and am disappointed at the change of the new models .____.
(I am a major supporter of Nana Suzuki, Misaki Izuoka and Kumicky)
Mad upset about the new models because they aren't as pretty or maybe its just me.


Advertorial; Parapara Daisu

Tempted to get more "Tattoo stockings" since they are all the rage in Japan now? 
Head over to Parapara Daisu. They sell a wide variety of them! 

My personal fav!
I love the cat one cause they are mad adorable and they really do look like tattoo :x
Each pair of nude stockings are @ $13 each and the waiting time for each preorder is really short.

Besides stockings, they offer a wide range of hair accessories.

They offer bags and apparels at very affordable prices. I mean, livejournals store sells galaxy apparels at $25++ but Parapara Daisu only sells them for $15-18!
Each preorder really has a wide range of items that will tempt you to buy, buy, buy!
So visit them today!

Much Love and kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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