Wednesday, 25 July 2012

#156; USS with Chubby Cheeks

Chubby Cheeks scored tickets to USS so we headed there during the weekdays. If you have diligently been stalking me, I have been dying for tickets to USS just so I can scream and make Chubby Cheeks deaf.
I'm just kidding.

We went there on a Monday since there weren't any classes on that day. Lucky me~
Mummy made sandwiches for both of us and lucky Chubby gotten the sandwich with the bursty egg yolk x.x Trying to save some money, we walked in instead of taking the monorail (better known to me as the caterpillar. LOL). There weren't much people when we got there, just hordes of tourists and little screaming kids.

The first ride that we took was the Transformers' one. Mad love the ride because it isn't that scary (I have a weak heart). After we are done, we walked around USS.
The thing I like about the whole place is how there are just so many elements that creates a rustic England/Olden USA atmosphere.

Spot these signs the next time you're there.

If you were to explore some small "alleys" along the way, you would see these;

I feel as if I am in London. 
Basically, the rides were really enjoyable. Albeit, some rides are for small kids and there weren't any kick to them. Chubby Cheeks lied about some rides. He told me the Canopy Flier in the faux Jurassic Park, wasn't scary. Heck, I closed my eyes and felt like I was about to die. Having said that, guess which scaredy cat absolutely refused to strap them self to a roller coaster? 
Yep, me.

The usual waiting time for a ride is 20 mins- 45 mins minimum. However, if you head over during a non-peak season + its a weekday, you wouldn't have to wait long before you get on the rides. The mummy's queue seems to be the shortest somehow.

Some pictures of Chubby Cheeks and me, while waiting at a kiddy ride.

I know we look alike :p

Some structures don't look like they belong inside USS at all. For example;

We had lunch outside USS at some food centre right outside the front gates. Then I headed to the many shops selling all sorts of character merchandise and gotten myself  a cookie monster headband. 
AND, I spotted my favourite guys!
The Penguins of Madagascar. 

I can't help it but love Private cause he sounds so "gong".
Private is all the way at the bottom.

I shouldn't spoil the rides for you. All in all, it is a fun experience. Perfect for a "er ren shi jie" (lovey dovey time). 

On the bus back home! :p

Much Loves and kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. ♥ i love USS! wad camera u using? n the effect is so nice. retro feel haha. Canopy flyer not very scary.. i feel the cyclon n the human ride is most scary!! ♥

  2. I love USS too! :D I'm actually using my iPhone camera and edited it with some filters~

    I didn't dare to go on the cyclone and human rides. I think I would faint .____.

  3. How much does a ticket to USS cost? it looks so nice there! Hope to go there soon!

    1. I gotten the tickets free because Chubby Cheeks has free tickets. But I heard, now have promotions for student~ $55/ticket but must present student card! :D


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