Friday, 3 August 2012

#158; Chubby Cheeks' Big 2-0!

This is a very overdued post!
I actually wanted to blog this before July ends, but haven't gotten around to doing it because the exams are around the corner. And you know what they say about Poly exams, "each exams are like mini A levels..Over and over again for three years". Ahh well...

It wasn't a very big celebration of sorts mainly because it wasn't Chubby Cheeks actual birthday. We first headed to Raffles City (I was extremely late, as usual, but ChubbyCheeks was so nice to wait). I had to lay my hands on a certain Rilakkuma Make up pouch! Didn't regret buying it and you can check out my haul post if you are interested in what it looks like.

Then we headed to ION Orchard to grab lunch. Chubby Cheeks bought me a smoothie thinghy! I gotten Strawberry and he took the Peach but the Peach was nicer :< We ate at EAT. Super paradoxical, ikr.
After lunch, we headed over to Daiso to grab some snacks for the movie we will be catching later on. I grab two packs of Tohrato Caramel Corn (the brown packaging). By the time we gotten to Shaw House (it was actually a last minute decision on my part to suddenly want to watch a movie), we almost missed the showing of "The Amazing Spiderman" *cues action movie soundtrack* . Chubby have watched it with his friends but was nice enough (he does this often) to watch it a second time round with me.

"The Amazing Spiderman" is good. Mainly because of the new actor portraying Spiderman. Really hot :x But my heart is devoted to Chubby Cheeks. And the actress, Emma Stone is really really pretty. I am just that bad with names sometimes. The ending make me tear a little but I had those geeky 3D glasses *wipe tears*

Me and Chubby Cheeks on the bus to dinner! :D
I haz messy hair!

Then Chubby used my phone to camwhore while I used his! Him in tribal tee = major turn on :x
Decided to eat at Mad Jack which is along Bukit Timah Road, mainly because it was near the first time we ever met and because the ambiance is really nice. 

What I had: Black Pepper Chicken with fries. 
*please tilt your head or device 90 degrees clockwise*
Really don't know why I couldn't get some photos to rotate. 

Me snapping photos. Then Chubby gave me the sian "can we eat already" look! HAHA! 
Then I told him "SMILE NICE NICE!"
Here is his best smile that he can manage :/
Ahh well.... its cute! Really. Albeit a little laughable O.o

Chubby playing with cutlery after we are done with the main course!
And then we had dessert which was this chocolate brownie cake thing with ice cream! :D

It is super darn delicious. I mad love chocolately stuff so this is mad heavenly for me. 
Chubby and I had our own cake because I told him that it was his birthday cake and he should have a slice then he insisted that he should pay for a slice because we didn't eat any cake during my birthday. Sweet no?

Happy Chubby and his cake! :D
Overall, it was a little failed :x But we enjoyed each other's company and I think that is what matters most!
So many photos of Chubby Cheeks in this photo right? 

Chubby commented that my makeup for the day was really pretty so I couldn't resist camwhoring a lot. But here are some pictures.

Eye Makeup for the day:
-Canmake falsies (003)
-Hypersharp liner from Maybelline
-Super Barbie Rock chocolate contacts

I iz haz sparkly eyes!

Ending my post here. 
Anyway, just some final ramblings; Miss my haul posts? Yea I miss it too. But I haven't been receiving any new loots in my mail box which kinda make me feel a teensy weensy bit empty. 

Please like, share it on Facebook! Chubby Cheeks debut video and he really put in a lot of effort! :D
P.S; He doesn't smoke (quitted for me).


Be back soon lovelies,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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