Sunday, 5 August 2012

#159; DollyWink Eyeliner in Brown

I haven't been blogging all that diligently as my exams are around the corner but I promise I will update as and when I can.

Today's review is on the DollyWink pencil eyeliner in brown.
I first gotten it as a sort of impulse buy. I cannot resist branded stuff/makeup going at cheap prices. Ahh well...

I actually thought I would be quite disappointed by pencil liner because they have failed me over the years, smudging as and when they like. And
since I have discovered liquid liners, it has never been the same again! Thus, I have a very high expectation for my pencil liners. So, I presume.

And now, I hereby pronounce that the DollyWink pencil liner in brown has pass all the makings of a good pencil liner!

My criteria of a very good pencil liner?
-does not smudge
-does not "drop" unnecessarily
-goes on easily

I won't say I would want my pencil liner to be waterproof because face it, I have yet to see a pencil liner that is really waterproof. The DollyWink eyeliner in brown passes all three of my tests because;
-smudges a little as long as you do not rub it. Smudges nicely for that "eyeshadowy" look.
-really doesn't unnecessarily "drop" and doesn't run when it comes into contact with water (unless you deliberately smudge it).
-goes on super smoothly. Which is a pro and con on its own. Con is that you have to sharpen it quite frequently.

See what I mean when I say that the liner smudges a little but in a nice "manner"? Replaces your brown eyeshadow!

What I like about this, is that it looks very soft and natural. I'm getting a little tired of harsh black liner cause they make me look fierce :<

You can also use this little lovely to line the bottom of your eye.

Overall; 9/10
- Stays on the whole day, no joke. Glides on smoothly and mad love the natural looking factor on this one. The bow print and polka dots are also a major love. I would definitely rebuy this and my faith in pencil liners is restored!
Review is 100% true, cause I bought it with my own money.

P.S; I love the brown eyeliner so much, that I'm thinking of a good brown liquid liner. Any to recommend?

Until next time,
Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. Lovely product and you are looking good with it.

  2. Thank you for the comment and compliment ^^


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