Wednesday, 8 August 2012

#160; Sponsored Advertorial- Kitty's Blogshop/ Bommie's Lens

Kitty's Blogshop, has approached me for an advertorial! :D Really extremely glad cause as most faithful readers will know, circle lenses are one of the things I can't live without.  My first impression of her, is that she is really really cheerful and friendly! And she is obviously very trustable. (There was once I was in a group discussing scammers and someone asked which blogshops are trustable for the lenses they sell. Kitty's Blogshop was one of the few names listed!) 

Kitty's Blogshop moved their business to Bommie's Lens and then to a blogger Kitty Meowz because Facebook has locked their account. Same goes to any seller who put "Blogshop" or "BS" in their name. Sneaky sneaky Facebook. But that does not mean her service is in any way affected! 

Here is what I have gotten from her :D
Luxury 6, Luxury 19 and Luxury 12. I will be reviewing Luxury 19 and Luxury 12 today! Opened too many lenses already x.x 

This is similar to Super Barbie Hybrid series, but I personally prefer Luxury ones because they are much more comfortable! 

SEE SEE! Chio a not? 
Colour is actually pretty vibrant under direct light and a dull purple that is noticeable! Sorry my eye like "senget" :x
I actually thought this pair of lenses would look very weird because of its "spiky" design but I really like it!
Comfort wise; Like all other luxury lenses, they are very very comfy. I actually prefer them to I.Fairy :x Cheaper also!

Did a collage for the lenses. Sorry for the blur and freaky eye. Daddy dearest took my cammy away so I'm stuck with my iPhone :/ I really love this pair of lenses because they are unique and purple is a lens colour I have never played around with. But I really do like these.

I remembered my first ever pair of purple lenses were GEO Angel Purple lenses. Definitely not a good start, they look so dark on my eyes that my BFF told me they looked blue. *facepalm*

On to Luxury 12- Blue.
Look at the blue! Look! Look how chio it is?! Turquoise-y kind of colour. I love! 
This reminds me of I.Fairy Super Crystal Series. Just that i.fairy is more opaque and the colour is more "dull".

Mad love this pair of lenses! Now I can step one "Ang moh", no? A very vibrant blue with some yellow inside. I think because of the pattern and the colour, my eye is step one sparkly! However, these lenses do not work well with minimal/no make up because they look too bright and blue!

Huge ass freaky sparkly blue eyes.
I mad love this pair too because of the colour. I really do prefer obvious coloured lenses. This pair does not have a visible black ring but the enlarging factor is good. Furthermore, because of its colour, this lenses really do stand out a lot.

And this is the lenses which I have yet to open! Very chio also right? Floral design one! I always wanted to get this because of its design.

I iz has chio eyes and you can too, just visit Kitty Meowz/ Kitty's Blogshop and buy from her!
She sells Luxury lenses at just $10! And as long as you quote that you are a reader of my blog, you are entitled to $1 off your total! Means, one pair is only $9?! FTW. And she does sell i.fairy too @ $16/pair!

Waiting time is also very short. One week after closing date and it would take her 2 days to pack and mail out! 


This giveaway, is proudly sponsored by Kitty's Blogshop!
How to win one pair of your preferred lens (colour, design and degrees can be chosen)?

1) Shop with Kitty's Blogshop and buy from her! (Quote my name, darlings!)
2) Then like/share this photo on my Facebook page!

1 lucky winner will win one extra pair of your preferred lens entirely free! Which means, you buy one and get one free for just $9! WTF?! And even if you don't win, at least you get a pair of authentic, comfy and chio lenses for just $9!

Shop with  Kitty's Blogshop  and share the joy okay?

Till next time, 
Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. Joining your giveaway again! Hehe. BTW, I'll only be joining the like and share one. Cuz I still have 2 pairs of lux lens and the pair I won from you (kimchi choco)!

    1. Hehe alright! ^^ good luck! ~^^ I'm using a random picker again~

  2. hey! do you have the owner number of bommies lens????? i'm going to make a report of her because she deleted her facebook account and i haven get my lens :/ if you know do email to
    thanks alot!


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