Saturday, 11 August 2012

#161; DIY Tutorial - Earphone Dust Cap

I'm back!
This time, I'll be trying to make my very own earphone dust cap protector! You know how expensive it is to pay for a dust cap protector, even at places like G-Market or Bugis?! And some designs aren't even pretty! *whines*

Therefore, I'm going to teach you how to make your very own super chio dust cap protector! And I'll be disclosing a site on where you can get your hands on super cute/chio materials to make your dust cap! Good thing is, they ship overseas too! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
*hurray for overseas reader!*

Here is what you would need:

-Glue (Any strong adhesive would do)
-Dust Cap thingy
-Cabochons of your choice

Compiled the instructions into handy pictures ^~^
Sorry for the awkwardness in the middle. The background I used was too small. (Did this on iPhone)


And here is a picture of the finished product after letting it dry!

I'm giving this to my mum cause she absolutely adore ear phone dust cap (she has like five at home and constantly on the Internet looking at more!) and because she like cute froggy character. Daddy looks like a frog and sings like one too xD 

Major cuteness overload to make one of your own earphone dust cap!
So, to get the earphone dust cap thingy and charms, just head over to Sophie and Toffee! They sell cabochons, rhinestones, whipped cream and all kinds of material you would need to zhng your phone/ anything you like!

Here are just some of the things I've gotten! Can't wait for holidays to start so I can DIY my very own casing!

Overall, this DIY project took me 2 mins. It's very duh! But I thought you guys would like to know where to get the materials/how you are so scammed!

This dust cap costed me $1.10 to make, but at Bugis you have to pay $3-5 just for something like this. Chio-er designs have to pay more! :@

Made a Korilakkuma one for myself! xD
I hope you enjoyed this very duh and short DIY tutorial! Not much time to post due to the exams but I will blog worthy reading materials in the next few days to come! In the mean time, do follow me on twitter @amandamisaki and Happy Shopping! ^~^

P.S; Keen to show off your handmade Dust cap/ want to request for a DIY project? Drop me an email @ and I will feature the prettiest one on my blog post along with your blog link! Alternatively, you may drop me a formspring~ Hope to hear from you pretty ladies soon! Ciao!

Till next time,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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