Sunday, 12 August 2012

#162; Haul Post ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)

I really wanted to do this haul post last week, but I only received a few items from the sellers I bought from. So here's a haul post for the past few weeks! Information such as price, where to get them and etc are available below! 

All my inheritance, gone into this stash of goodies! I missed out a few items because as you can see, my glittery photoboard isn't exactly huge.

First up; Popteen May Issue
Really old copy but heck! Its Tsu-Chan! Mad love her alright?!
Gotten from Popular at $6.40. 
I shall find interesting materials from here to blog about.

Jewerich No. 2 Lashes. 
Virtually hard to find because of copyright issues, this baby was bought from Vivi Istore
She doesn't sell them anymore! I got the one and only set! 
But you can check out her store cause she sells the prettiest dresses, cosmetics, beauty products at the cheapest price ever.

Speaking of which, I'm just dying to try out Liz Lisa lashes but like the ever elusive Jewerich, it is virtually non-existent in SG. Plus, it is freakin expensive. A set of two pairs of Liz Lisa lashes can set you back $30+. WTF! Can I do a beauty swap with some pretty Japan readers? :<

Some fake nails bought from Vivi Istore too! :D
Bought this two sets at $15.50 plus postage!
Mad affordable considering how some places can sell $15.50 for just one set.
Lazy me, can just put them on and not worry about painting my nails anymore!
*evil laughter*

Super huge loads of accessories sponsored by Cute Little Strawberries!
I shall do up an advertorial soon! 

Spot the whole bunch of glittery pandas?
Yeap, gotten panda bracelet, panda earrings and panda anklet! 
Guess what, their accessories are priced at $4 each
WTF lor. Everything so cheap *cover eyes*

Sponsored major haul of lenses from Lens Bangz.
Each lenses are only $9/pair if you quote my name!
And if ever need lenses, I would definitely buy from her because she is so so so friendly and reply all PMs so fast!
Read the advertorial and a brief review of them here! ^~^

Some Polaroid films from Happiness Snaps!
 $30.50 for two packs!
But I think they are having sales now. Darn, missed it ><
They sell Hello Kitty films and many other films at super cheap rates!

A random side note but I saw this being sold at $20+ for just one pack. WTF.

That's all for now! ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)
I hope you've enjoyed this short haul post! I promise to update more when more of my new items have finally reached me. *evil laughter*
Can hardly wait, I love new stuff.

Till next time,
Amanda Misaki Sea ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)


  1. Hi Amanda, do a tutorial to put on the fake nails you bought at Vivistore? :)
    Or do a blog post to show all your apparels and accessories? :)

    1. Sure! ^~^
      I will do a tutorial on how to put on the fake nails as well as show all my apparels (Don't have that much really :'< ) and accessories! :D

    2. Yay! Would wait to read your blog for future tutorials and your apparels + accessories! ^.^ Really enjoy reading your blog! :)


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