Wednesday, 15 August 2012

#163; Nail Tutorial - Fake Nails Please!

Falsies nails are so convenient! The Colour never does chipped off and you can have pretty designs everyday! Going to a nail salon to get your nails done can be so so expensive, not to mention that the colour chips/becomes dull after a few days! If I ever spend money on manicure, I would splurge on french gellish with polka dots and blings! Gellish can last super long :x

This doesn't happen with falsies nail! *screams*
It is especially good for students who want to have pretty nails on a weekend out/ girls who are too lazy to paint their nails / girls who have short and non-existent nails!

Today's tutorial will be teaching you, how to put on these little pretties! From now on, no more chipped, plain and boring nails! 
P.S ; it's my first time wearing falsies nails too! (Yea, pardon the failed wink and yes, I chopped my fringe!)

What you would need are:
- a set of false nails!
(Check out Vivi I-store humongous range of pretty nails at cheap prices!)
- Double sided-adhesive gel tapes
(bought mine from Daiso @ $2 for 72 pieces!)

Daiso sells tube glue/gel tapes but I personally prefer the gel ones because they are less smelly, adhere more strongly (in my opinion) plus it causes less damage to your existing nails. After you are done sticking the gel thingy to the faux nails, just peel them off (like a double sided tape) and tape them on your nails. Apply a little pressure. They stick on for the whole day!

Here are my completed nails! Pretty aren't they?! :D

For lazy girls out there, take your laziness one step higher! This set of
Lovelies are pre-glued! ψ(`∇´)ψ

Disclaimer: I bought all of these with my own money! I thought I should share because good things must share right? And this tutorial was requested by a reader! Do drop me a comment or formspring question and I will schedule another tutorial as per requested! :D
That's all for now lovelies! I will be back soon with an advertorial plus another tutorial!

Till next time,
Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. Approximately how long can you put the fake nails for? And if you take out, can you still reuse them?

  2. You can keep them on for as long as you want but it is advisable to take them off after you're home (before bed/shower). The gel is sticky enough to last you two to three use ^^ the nails can last very long as it does not chip. So you can reuse them as much as you want :) you just have to change the gel thingy every now and then! ^~^


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