Sunday, 19 August 2012

#164; Sponsored Advertorial - Cute Little Strawberries (CLS)

Hello! :D
I'm finally back for good and today I'll be introducing you guys to a super awesome blogshop! I bet you guys have heard of Cute Little Strawberries (CLS)! If you haven't, you aren't too late to start spree-ing with them!

Cute Little Strawberries is founded in Dec 2009 by Reirei and since then, she has managed to bring in the most fashionable accessories at the cheapest rate there is! On top of that, she does offer wholesale rates which is just perfect for blogshop who wish to take supplies! I first came upon CLS by googling accessories (sorry lor, I always google things one). Back then, I was looking for a reliable and affordable accessory supplier for my blogshop and I chance upon CLS

I have taken supplies from CLS for quite a humongous number of sprees before closing my blogshop and I have to say Reirei is very efficient and really friendly! I liek nice peeple. And she was really really very nice to sponsor me with a load of lovelies!

Here is what I have picked out! 

I have chosen a whole set of bling bling panda bear! Earrings, bracelet and anklets! Mad love!
A random conversation between me and Chubby Cheeks went something like this:
Me: I gotten a whole set of panda bear earrings, bracelets and anklets! Super cute okay!
ChubbyCheeks (Jovin) : Really? Personally I prefer the Jovin ones, they are so damn adorable :D
Me: GOT MEH?! *Burst out in laughter*

This boy really love to make me laugh one.

Dad stole my camera away for his own usage so I had to make do with my iPhone camera + a macro lens.
But... LOOK at that gorgeous little cutie! 
Can't help feeling so proud of them!

The anklet! :D 

The bracelet along with another pink "LV-ish" bracelet!
Mad love how both of them go well together!
So shiny and bling bling one!

Gotten this USA themed Connector ring and I mad love it! It's freaking perfect!
I never was able to wear connector rings because I have really fat fingers but this fitted perfectly! :D
Plus, they look really tumblr-ish!

Gotten this Mustache Felt necklace~!
I saw this being sold on a livejournal sometime back for like $6.90.

And here are just some necklace I have bought from CLS sometime back too!
Gotten a gold cross necklace with bling all over and this triangle golden necklace!
Mad love both of them cause they go well with almost anything!

I wanted to get another mustache connector ring but it was out of stock! :<
CLS gave me this instead! Super chio! :D

Can you believe that all the above accessories that I have picked out are only $4 each?!
Cute Little Strawberries also include normal postage fee inside the $4 and to make sure that the accessories are received in perfect condition, they place all your orders into plastic containers before mailing them out!
No more getting upset because of spoiled goodies before you start wearing them!

And on top of accessories, they do sell fake collars at only $11 each and if you buy 3, you can get them at $9 each! Super nice designs one! 

They also sell Japan Magazine bags @ only $16 each and $15 each if you get two and above. My favourite are the Fred Perry Edition ones cause... its Fred Perry leh! 

All Japan Magazine bags are authentic but are sold so cheap, because they are manufactured exclusively for the magazine that features them! Sort of like those Kids magazine freebies that SG used to have but never do anymore?


When people ask me, "Hey! Where did you get your accessories from? Any recommendations?"
I will always say "Cute Little Strawberries!"
Because their prices are really very affordable and designs are exactly the same as what some other pricier Livejournals are offering. So why spend extra dollars when you can get the same design, same quality for half the price?

Don't wait okay?

Cute Little Strawberries, Visit them now! ^~^

P.S; Love giveaways? Like their Facebook Page because they hold giveaways really often! :D

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this post! I will be back soon with a haul post! :D
Night night! Time check: 1:55am

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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