Wednesday, 22 August 2012

#165; Work!

I'm half paralyzed now :/
So, for those who follow me on twitter, you would have known that I have started working! ^~^ I took up a part time job from 20-23 August. And so far, it has been quite fulfilling. Here's an update for the days 20-21 August, and my thoughts for that day.

20 August
First day of work and I had to pack so many items! I can now sell pads, tampons and Hada Labo!
I realized that if you don't look into the eyes of a customer, they won't ask you any questions. As its my first day working there, I really do not know much about the proper arrangement of items.

This Ang Moh guy came in with his wife. So, his son was sick. Naturally, if you needed medication of any sort, you would head to the pharmaceutical area to get medicine or head to the health section right?
Nope. Smart people they are. Came to the pad section and ask me if there was any cough syrup. I chua tio. Look right at them and told them to head to the pharmacy. The Ang moh guy got pissed off and called me a stupid staff for not knowing the placement of the items sold.

What I really wanted to tell him was:
"hey, I'm just a temp staff. And if I really were to prescribe medications to your precious son and he *touch wood* dies. Whose responsible? Me or you?"

It's unfair how some people think that they can push people around like that. So, workers aren't human? That just because you spend money in this shop, you're directly paying for my salary? I took up a job for the experience not for the money (ok, partially for the money). If I really needed the money, I wouldn't take up this job. $5.50/hour only.

Besides, I had my fair share dealing with people like these. People who think they have a little bit of money so they can show off. Argh, society ugly side okay.

Lesson of the day; Rich people are elegant, poised and proper. Showing their disdain through their facial expression. "Faux" rich people are uncouth, loud and extremely annoying. They show their disdain by shouting, calling names and saying mean things about people. Their favorite phrases are "I want to see your manager!" or
"I am going to complain". #angst.
People who had work experience will agree.

21 August.
My legs hurt a lot ;(
I'm now decked in ugly looking drabs and Chubby Cheeks will soon divorce me. Luckily it's only for two more days.

He told me that he isn't used to seeing me in jeans and a t shirt. I was more of a frilly, chiffon and ribbon-ish cutesy kind of girl. Not the manly jeans and t-shirt kind... Ahh well.

Quite slack because all of the things were mostly there and because it wasn't a holiday in lieu, so there weren't much people.

Nothing much to say about today, except that I ate good food with chubby cheeks today! (Yes, he is working with me!)

That's all for today! A really short post but I will update more as soon as I end work this Thursday/Friday!

Much loves!
Amanda Misaki Sea
(ending off with a nice picture of me instead of a shag and tired looking one)

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