Saturday, 25 August 2012

#166; Happy half-nniversary

I'm back! 
And if you have been following my blog posts conscientiously, you would have known that yesterday was Chubby Cheeks and I half-nniversary! We have been together for half a year now, that's 184 days in total! Including today. And I have to say that these 184 days have been the best of my life. I have never been this happy before and I'm so glad he came into my life. Because there's no one else in this world who could make me as happy as I'm when I'm with him.

That aside, I wanted to make a tutorial of something but didn't really had ample time to do so, considering that I just ended my stint at W. I shall not disclose but you can guess for yourselves. I really do not like the management system and the superiors there. Ahhh well.. I shall find time to get a tutorial up as soon as I can and I sincerely apologize for delegating blog posts.

Here's my make up for the day.
I wish I could show off what I was wearing because I felt so tumblr-ish okeh!
But I do not have a tripod or a camera for that matter and so, I shall resort to taking the best iPhone self portrait photos ever! *self-praise*


I met up with Chubby at Tanjong Pagar to submit timeslip for our 4-days work.
After that, we decided to head to Vivo. Partly because it was like a two stops MRT ride from TJP and because Vivo has many things!

Me and Chubby Cheeks on the MRT ride there. I look damn fat here plzzzz.
So, I was saying to Chubby Cheeks to dress down as I was wearing something super simple (Tanktop and shorts). He really did dress down. But still manage to look cute! 

When we got to Vivo, we bought tickets to watch The Bourne Legacy. Then we walked around and look at camera (potential Samsung Camera lover here!). Proceeded to head to Daiso to shop for snacks. Bought two spicy tidbits before heading to the cinema.

What to say about the movie?
Maybe its because I didn't really chase the whole Bourne legacy thing so I was totally oblivious to the storyline and had to hypothesize about it. Things got really boring for awhile. Enough for me to just stone and  chomp nomp on tidbits just to annoy the hell out of the other moviegoers. Things got interesting after awhile and my eyes were glued to the screen. BUT! Jason Bourne didn't even appear once. Okay, he did. His picture did.. LOL.
The main actor was pretty okay. His eyes remind me of Perry the Platypus from Phineaus and Ferb (I think its spelled this way).

After the movie, we headed to the Skypark (or aptly referred to as "The Roof") and proceeded to have our own leg spa there while talking. 

Guess which one is mine!~

Then took Tumblr-ish looking photos of my tattoo! 

Walked around and headed to Toys R Us cause I wanted to see if they sold any Tamagotchi. Instead I gotten obsessed with Sylvanian Family because they had laces (gasp) and cute animals! :<
I can't wait for my pay to come just so I can get one of the little cuties and make small cute dresses for them.

Headed down cause we were hungry and it was spontaneous but we decided to eat at The Asian Kitchen.

I ordered Eggy Bowl of Rice while Chubby Cheeks ordered Fried Rice with Cereal!
His cereal was goooooood!~

My eggy bowl! 
I had a whole egg cut in half and since I love my boyffie so so so much, I gave him half an egg! 
A noble sacrifice okay! I love that egg.

Chubby small teeny weeny eyes staring at me! HAHA!
I feel so evil but he makes fun of me all the time so there!

My grainy as fk self-portrait.
I'm supposedly getting a camera next week but........ I am virtually cashless as of now.
The food was good. The rice and all was nice and the portion is just nice.

However, daddy tried it in the afternoon (coincidence much?) and he didn't like the La Mian and the XLB (Xiao Long Bao) so don't get that! Price was affordable too! Total was $24 only. FTW OKEH!
We eat until shiok shiok although Chubby Cheeks keep niaming (complaining) that he should have gotten mine instead. Too bad! :p But his was naise.. seriously. I love cereal-y things.

After eating and drinking Gong Cha Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3Js, we decided to head home! Being the gentleman that Chubby Cheeks always was, he sent me home!
I really did enjoy myself with him!
Can't wait to see him on Monday!

By the way, I am getting my lashes extension done on Monday! Really can't wait.
Its my first time and I shall be extra careful with them.

I will be back either tomorrow or the day after with a new tutorial or a blog post! <3

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. You must watch the Bourne from the 1st - 3rd one, because the real Jason Bourne is much more handsome in the 1st-3rd movie as he've blue eyes! ^^ Hahah. I watched all the Bourne(s) already! ^.^ And congrats for your half-anniversary with your boyfriend! :D Post a tutorial soon. ^^

    1. Thank you! Shall use the holidays I have to catch up on the whole Bourne movies! :D
      What tutorials would you like to see? ^~^


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