Sunday, 26 August 2012

#167; Hauls for this week

Hello! :D
I thought I would be posting up a tutorial today but thought it would be apt to get it done the coming week instead. I am getting my new camera next week! Excited! In the mean time, do leave me a comment below or a formspring question with some tutorials that you want to see.

On a side note, I'm probably so late in submitting some advertorial post and I don't mean to procrastinate (I really do enjoy blogging). It's just that, I have this strange habit that involves me dressing up real pretty in the dead of the night to take photos for adverts. And as its the seventh month now, I am turning into bed pretty earlier than usual. 

Now, hauls of the week! My glittery board is extremely small and my iPhone camera doesn't really give me much to work with so I'm gonna introduce my hauls one by one.

First up, some new tattoo stockings sponsored by Parapara Daisu!
I majorly love the Tsubasa S-Leg inspired ones. She has many things up for preorder and do catch up on her offer of "Buy 3 stockings and Get 1 free". Advertorial for this will be up soon! ><

Some new stuff from Japanese "mode" brand, Murua. 
Can you guess what it is?

Gotten a rilakkuma/korrilakkuma lens casing for me and boyffie. Apparently, he was whining about how he never gets cute stuff. Also gotten a set of false nails from Vivi Istore.

My annoyingly cute casing! Ahhh cuteness overload. 

My new falsies. 
I really like how these are so sweet! 3D bears and pastelly ribbons. 
They look good enough to eat! A pity some of them are really extremely small and most of them are extremely short. Which means I have to chop off a few mm of my precious pretty nails if I want to wear them :/

Bought this for Boyffie's sister because I remember she likes Hello Kitty! Majorly cute right?
She gave me Rilakkuma name sticker! Can use them on my pens/pretteh notebooks already.

And then I went ballistic when I saw this. 
Bought four of them and they are all pens!
Can you believe it? From left to right (pen ink colour); Brown, red, mint green and black.
I actually ordered the pink ones but they were oos :< 
All rement pens bought from Taobao but they are authentic!

Packaging that the little ones came in! :D

Liz Lisa inspired bag! Major love the pastelly pink of this bag and guess what! It is a 3 way bag.
Can be sling-ed/converted to a bag pack.
Gotten this @ only $25?

Extremely Tumblr worthy photo of the Liz Lisa tag (in my opinions okeh!)
I always said that I would change my style to a more atas one but I can't stop loving all cute things and frilly ribbonish stuff. Obsessed, no?

New wedges! A nude shade but really comfy! I can run in these!
Gives me a little extra height so I am now as tall as can be! 
But still relatively shorter than boyffie :/

And I hereby conclude my haul post with a picture (or two) of me tryna act Ulzzang-ish.

Wearing GEO Super Angel Brown here!
I'll be back tomorrow with an update (hopefully) because I am getting my eyelash extension done! I think they won't last cause I am so chor lor (rough).

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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