Tuesday, 28 August 2012

#168; It's always a good time

Went out with boyffie again. As usual, we both agreed to meet at 1pm but we were both late. Mainly my fault since I'm always late and boyffie has become "Seng mok" (smart). He always leaves the house after he knows I'm out already.

First stop, Orchard!

I went to get my eyelash extensions done and shall leave the review about it for another day as I do not have enough camho photos for a good post.

Then after that, we walked from Dhouby Ghaut to Bugis+ and was just in time to catch "The Apparition".
Call me crazy to watch a ghost movie halfway through the seventh month, but I really do love scary movies :/
(I realized that, since being with boyffie, the ticket stubs that I have collected have risen exponentially. I'm an avid fan of movies now. LOL.)

My two cents about "The Apparition"?
- "The Apparition" started out on a good foot with a eerie scene that shows a group of people conducting an attempt to contact "beings" from the other side. It got me spellbound and spooked from the first second till the end of the show and that's a good thing. It has enough twist and turn in the storyline, and some parts are so unpredictable that you get chills just from watching it. I was gripping Chubby Cheeks arms so tightly and he was just covering his ears whenever there's a scary part.

Conclusion; Whoever rated this PG13 is obviously nuts.
Do let me know if you have watched it and your thoughts on the movie!

After the Movie, we headed to Bugis Junction and I was mesmerized/distracted by a shop full of Rilakkumas!

Chubby Cheeks and I went in and he gotten a little crazy. "Choose something and I'll get it for you!"
Of course, I didn't. LOL. Mainly because I don't really like spending his money.

Proceeded to head to A&BC and got two extremely adorable planners and one extremely adorable notebook! THEY ARE A SET!

Gotten a chicky pink notebook and planner and a baby blue polar bear planner. Chubby Cheeks say the chick one totally screams "Me!" cause I'm very pink (In my opinion, pink is the nicest Colour in the world) and I'm a very cutesy kind of person.

Chubby Cheeks bought a notebook that was vintagey and "Abraham Lincoln"-ish. He wanted to channel the "Abraham Lincoln" spirit and write down all the ideas for his video into the book. Speaking of which, check out his new video.

Paid for our new hauls and walked around searching for a good place to have dinner. We ended up eating at Yayoiken (Japanese Restaurant).
Found at Bugis+ level 1.

The menu is so chio okeh! And there was so many variety to choose from! I candid Chubby while he was looking at what to eat. 

I ordered a hot plate egg thing that has pork cutlet, pork slices and a tempura prawn inside.

Boyffie ordered some fried pork (or was it chicken) cutlet slice thing that was super good!

And we both ordered green tea, which was goooood.

My thoughts on the food there;
- The egg is fluffy and thick with the right amount of Japanese flavor in it. The pork cutlet was awesomely good. My favorite was the pork slices with the egg. It tasted so much like the kind of food that mummy used to make for me as a little kid. The tempura was awesomely good too. Ahhh, blogging about it makes me hungry for it again. Stole a slice of Chubby Cheeks' pork (or chicken) cutlet and it was so good.

The whole experience so far can only be described in one word. Mouth-gasm.

Since we were right beside this gelato place, we got ourselves a cup of ice cream. I thought the serving was just those normal portion. And the price was quite expensive as its $4+, $6+ and $9+? For a small, medium and large cup respectively.

Chubby Cheeks paid for two medium cups of Peppermint (mine!) and Nutella (His!). Him and his obsession with Nutella. Sat down in the seats provided by Gelateria Italian and took pictures of my cup of awesome goodness.

First glance, a normal looking size. One would think that the serving is "meh".

BOOM! You're wrong. A mini mountain full of pepperminty goodness. I had so much enjoyment eating this! Boyffie's nutella ice cream is really good too! With all the random nutella bits that catch you off guard.

I couldn't finish my cup so I passed it to Boyffie who cleared it. That's how big the portion is. (I'm an ice cream kind of girl) Will definitely come again and try other flavors!

Jayden (Chubby Cheeks' friend) drove us home. And while waiting for him, we took some photos together.

 Awesome much day! I'm very grateful to Chubby Cheeks for being such an awesome boyfriend! He never does nag at me while I'm busy with stuff. He has one thing that I am seriously lacking off- Patience. Ahhh...

I will be back tomorrow with another post on the eyelash extensions and my opinions on it thus far.

Much Loves and Kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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