Friday, 31 August 2012

#169; Eyelash Extensions

I had my first eyelash extensions done the other day. I think the main reason why I did it was because...YOLO. Not cause it was stupid but I agree that you only live once and you should try everything and anything that is not life-threatening and/or stupid.
I was actually at a loss as to whether to get them done because I know they won't really last on me (I am a very chor lor "rough" person). After a restless night, I decided to purchase a Qoo10 (Gmarket) coupon and get it done and over with. 

I scheduled an appointment for Monday by calling them. 

Their store was in a small corner of Far East Plaza. Not very big/famous like Milly's. I wanted to get them done at Milly's but I am a poor girl :/ Ahhh well. When I got there, I had to wait 30mins before I was attended to. Note: I actually book an appointment with them already. Having said this, it wasn't a good start to my experience. What irks me was that there were two attendants in the shop doing customers nails and they just asked me a few questions then bo chup me already! The least you could do was offer me a seat right? :/ 

So me and boyffie went for a walk around FEP and return after awhile. There was limited space there and someone else was getting her lashes done so poor me had to sit in a chair and get it done like that. Experience thus far? Bad one. 

I had to lay still on the chair for an hour and my neck hurts a lot (sounds like a whiny kid).  The lashes were put on my natural ones and some parts of the whole procedure were painful cause they tweeze my eyelids :/ When I read reviews and experiences about them, they were suppose to be "painless". On top of that, my friend who went there told me that the person would ask what style of lashes would I like but in my case, they didn't bother asking. After I am done, they gave me a card for a free touch-up but I don't think I am returning there ever. 

The experience I had was horrible and for a first timer, I would definitely not go there again for any services. 
The lashes was nicely done though although it was painful when she tweeze the eff out of my poor eyelids.
I guess, the next time I want to get an eyelash extension, I would get it done at Milly's or somewhere else instead of there.
I bought the coupon of Gmarket for $25 but the admin in charge of it has stopped selling. Anyway, I did it at Bini on the 4th level. 

Go at your own risk. However, eyelash extensions are still gorgeous as fk. LOL. I would definitely get it done somewhere else if I was you.

Enough of complaints, I shall post some before and after photos.

Before; Short Sparse lashes that needed ten coats of mascara/a pair of falsies in order to look pretty.

Now; Lashes that are like falsies. No need eyeliner, no need mascara and no need falsies :D

The difference between the two~

I like how I can head out of home with just a lens and still look presentable. And I like how I no longer need eyeliners because my eyes look sparkly-pretty. 

I would definitely get eyelash extensions again cause they are easy. I saved 15 mins off my whole makeup routine and that's saying a lot for me considering that I only take about 20 tops to get everything done. However, they are a tad unnatural (blame this on the fact that the lady at the shop didn't ask me what I wanted). And a little difficult. 

I had to shower with my eyes close because I couldn't rub the water out of my eyes and when I do open them, the water make my eyes tear so so so much. I had red eyes for a day or so :/

I guess the only good thing I can say about getting my lashes done there was the fact that they didn't had any hard selling. I wasn't pressured to get my nails done or my eyebrows trim. I can't say the same for other shops in the same line of business. 

So many photos of me today. LOL. 
Not sorry :p

To conclude this, I would like to thank the best boyfriend I ever had thus far; 
Dearest Chubby,
Thank you for being the best boyfriend I ever had. Thank you for putting up with my insecurities and extremely childish thinking. I know sometimes you're annoyed by me. And I know how sometimes I made you sad.
Thank you for always going anywhere and everywhere with me. For always waiting for me (he went with me to get my lashes done and fell asleep waiting). Thank you for being sensitive and emotional and treasuring me like this.

Ahh, tearing :')

I hereby conclude this blog post. *abrupt ending*
I shall blog tomorrow about the movie premier of TED! proudly sponsored by

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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