Sunday, 2 September 2012

#170; Sponsored Review - Ted with Omy.Sg

I got to catch the movie premier of Ted before it hit the cinema thanks to Omy.Sg.
The movie premier was on Wednesday, 29/8 and I was given a pair of tickets! Naturally, I jio Chubby Cheeks along.

I first headed to Tanjong Pagar to get a contract signed and then headed to Orchard. Walked around a bit before heading to Astons @ The Cathay!

I ordered a black pepper fish with onion rings and potato salad as a side dish! yum-mee! The black pepper was just hot enough for me and the sides were absolutely delicious. Since Chubby Cheeks and me had the same taste, we ordered the same dishes!

Boyffie helping me prepare my ice lemon tea! So sweet of him righhttt?

Then after dinner, we headed to the cinema. Don't call me suaku but I have never been to The Cathay before. I had to search around for Omy.Sg booth and finally got my pair of tix from the representative at the booth. As it was free seating, boyffie and I decided to just laze around and be kiasu people. We chiong in as soon as we could and gotten couple seats! So kiasu does pay off!

Camwhored in the cinema before the movies started!

My thoughts on Ted;
It is a very funny and heartfelt movie. Sure, there are tons of sexual puns and expletives but that just adds on to all the fun. You can't imagine a cute little teddy like Ted swearing away and still look oh-so-adorable. It make me laugh really loud at some parts and make me tear a little at other. And I thought I caught Chubby Cheeks wiping away some tears? Either way, it is a great film to catch with your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend but I wouldn't recommend watching it with your parents :x

Ted is a teddy bear given to John during Christmas and brought to life by a wish on a shooting star. (ikr)
And ever since then, Teddy has been living with John. But like all fairy tale, there are always a downside to the story. Living with Ted causes relationship problems between John and his long time girlffie. And now, John is forced to choose between his' relationship and his' bff, Ted. I shouldn't spoil it for you so go catch it in cinemas. Ted is rated M18 and is out in cinemas on the 6 September so do remember to make a date to catch Ted!

Have you ever wished your teddy was alive? Let me know if you are gonna catch Ted! :D
Once again, thanks to Omy.Sg for the chance to review Ted! :D

Last shot of boyffie and me! ^~^

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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