Tuesday, 4 September 2012

#171; Never too much cupcakes!

I guess the Comex Show at Suntec is quite the popular thing! 
Went there the other day with boyffie because I wanted to get a new cammy and I thought it would be best to get it at Comex because of the cheaper price + freebies! 
There were tons of people there and I spotted a few poly friends working there.

I ended up getting a Canon Ixus 500HS, shall talk more about my new cammy as soon as I can but for now you can google it if you're interested!
(I gotten the red/maroon-ish looking one. Mad love this kind of colour.)

After leaving Suntec, Chubby Cheeks and I walked to Millenia walk (irony please). I was craving for cupcakes because.... I had one of those random cravings that comes around everytime (Okay, I admit I was in a cupcake mood)

Did you know?
Twelve cupcakes is located at Millenia walk?! The first time I had one of those lovelies, was when the neighbor sent some over from their house warming party! And what better way to satisfy my cupcake mood by noming cupcakes from Twelve cupcakes!

So, I decided to test out my new cammy's awesome asdfghjkl powers and see if they are better than what I can do with an iPhone. The below pictures contains no edits, unless obviously done so! Only a little tweak to lighting and cropping.

Am I making you hungry yet? You must hate me now :p
Verdict; This is definitely waaaay better than my iPhone camera. Sorry iPhone, but I guess you are good for selcas.

Altogether, me and Chubby Cheeks gotten six cupcakes! 
Chubby gotten; Oreo cupcake, some chocolate-ception cupcakes and strawberry with white chocolate thing!
I gotten; the chocolate-ception cupcake, mint cupcake, rose cupcake!

I shall go into greater details of my cupcakes! The chocolate-ception one had small crunchy chocolate ball on a chocolate flavoured cream cheese on top of a chocolate cupcake (thus my name for it). It is extremely sinful but worth it just cause its chocolate. The cream thing had a tinge of saltiness (?) on it mixed with chocolate. I think the most apt phrase for it would be "Chocolate-caramelly" kind of saltiness. Would recommend this cause its awesome. 

The mint cupcake caught my attention from the beginning. I am a big supporter of all things minty. This little pastel shade of green with chocolate shavings is a refreshing new take on cupcake lovers tastebuds mainly because...it is minty. I gave boyffie some and he told me; "Colgate". Of course it doesn't taste like colgate but it has that refreshing feeling you get after brushing your teeth. I really like how there was this OMFGHJKL surprise chocolate fillings in the cupcake. Mint x Chocolate = Love. 

I saved the best for the last because seriously, how often do you get rose flavoured cream on a rose flavoured cupcake? This one is awesome because it is pastel pink in colour and pink is gooood. I have no words to explain this cupcake other than the word - Mouth-gasm.

Each cupcake is priced at $3 each! Although a tad abit on the pricey side, I thought that the design/unique taste as well as the feel of the place is atas enough to atone for their slightly high price. You can choose to dine in or take out (in hot pink boxes, OMG). Definitely a must-go.

Chubby Cheeks giving the "fierce" look. Pffffttttt. Make me laugh only.

After having cupcakes, we headed to Marina Square and bought tickets to Step Up! And then we walked around a bit trying to find a nice place to sit down and have dinner! Spotted Secret Recipe and sweet Chubby remembered how much I love that place! So we went there to have dinner!

 My black pepper chicken with rice! Hungry right! 
I am just making myself hungry now blogging about this. Shall not say anything about this because it will just make me crave for it. Ugh...

I'm becoming more and more like a food lover. Like, I use to skip meals just so I can buy stuff but it doesn't seem that way now. I have been exploring and trying out different food places and I am really quite contented with it. The only downside, is that I have gained a few pounds which I expect to lose by working! Maybe its Chubby's influence because he is very passionate about food. LOL.

Chubby and me took some camwhore shots just cause we like it!

Yeap, taken with iPhone camera :/
Our usual photo pose. I was commenting how we always seem to take photos like this and...

Shy :x 
I have a very weird sideview okeh :/

Shall end this post here! I am so sorry for the lack of updates because I have been busy working for the past few days. I am currently taking up a 8;30 - 5;30 job (almost like a 9-5 job) but I have been going out after that and only reaching home at ten-ish. Exhausted because work starts at 8:30am and workplace is at Tiong Bahru. :/ Ugh....

I shall update soon! Boyffie is going into army soon, thus explaining the frenzied amount of post with boyffie in it.

Much loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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  1. Gorgeous cupcakes and the deco is so amazing. I don't really fancy cakes but I am all in when it comes to admiring.


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