Sunday, 9 September 2012

#172; Picnic with love!

So, I admit I haven't been blogging because I was getting some use to the timing of my job. On top of that, I had some trouble actually doing preparation for some quality blog posts as its the seventh month and I do not like to stay past one am. *superstitious* 

As some of you know, Chubby Cheek is gonna be a botak boy and heading into the Police soon. Thus, explain why we had a half spontaneous picnic. We actually planned to meet at 1pm at Woodlands, cause Chubby offered to help me take some stuff for the picnic. However, both of us were mad late and only met up with each other at 3pm! LOL. 

Ended up at Marina Barrage @ 4pm and both of us were starving! We were preparing the food for the picnic and didn't get to eat much before leaving home. The weather @ barrage was pleasant because it was cloudy and windy. And there were tons of people flying their kites when we got there. I think I developed a phobia of kites now... We quickly spread out the picnic mat and anyhow place the food.

Chubby had so much trouble taking his shoes off. *le candid shot of him* 

My new Rilakkuma sandwich/cookie cutter! Mad cute okay! Even sister (who doesn't like cute stuff) commented that it was a cute and practical addition to my ever increasing collection. I gotten my Rila sandwich cutter at The Pony Party. The seller is really nice and friendly and replies all my enquiries/send out my items really fast! And if you do not like Rilakkuma (HOW COULD YOU!) there are tons of super chio iPhone casing that you can check out! Gotten my items in 2 working days after it was mailed out.

Here is how it looks on my bread! Even though I was mad starving, I couldn't resist making Rila prints on my bread. Mummy dearest made Chicken curry (no picture cause we were mad hungry!) which was so awesomely good while Chubby made tempura prawns on his own (picture above~) and this fried potato thing with cheese inside.

Chubby taking out all the food that he brought for the picnic. 

And the both of us looking Chubby together!

After filling ourselves with food, we rested and I bought tickets online to catch The Expendables @ Plaza Singapura. Left barrage at 6+ because we were walking through the water exhibition on the second floor. The Expendables 2 was funneh and so action packed! Although it was a bit gory, I would definitely rewatch this if I could!

Chubby Cheeks sent me home and we took pictures together and talked about our plans for the future. Ahhh, I love heart to heart talk with boyffie because he is a great listener. Oh gosh, I had very messy hair today :<

That's all for now! Will be back in a few hours time with a haul post!

Much loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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