Sunday, 9 September 2012

#173; Haul Post

To make it up for my lack of updates, I shall do up a haul post. I haven't been doing much in the form of online shopping because of my job but I have been going out a lot with love so much so that my money has still been depleted *depressed*. Money issues aside, here is what I have gotten this few weeks!

An overview of what I have gotten! Realized that I have been buying a lot of cosme insteads of lenses. Are these my new obsession? 

A notebook and two planners. Bought at Bugis A&BC. Major cute cause the prints are mad love. The planners are $5.25 each while the notebooks are $6+? But they are definitely worth it because the quality is really good!

All my cosme hauls! Diamond lash, Dollywink, Kate.

Gotten the latest series of Diamond Lash Natural- Muse from Himeko Himitsu at $23.50. She is selling tons of many different brands! Liz lisa, Fairy lash, Jewerich, Diamond Beauty and eyemazing x zipper. Mad love all the eyelashes. If only I was rich enough to just get one box of Liz Lisa without feeling the heart pain. Anyway, I am starting to fall in love with a more natural look such as Ulzzang or otoona.

Andddddd...... I finally gotten my hands on the new DollyWink Otoona series. Wasn't too mad keen about the packaging because they were so meh compared to the older series but this pair (baby girl) caught my attention. So I bought it while working at Watsons! In a way, this series is like a mix between Dollywink Baby Cute X Dollywink Real Nude. Priced at $23.90? If I remembered correctly, but I gotten it cheaper because I had member's discount + rebate by using my POSB card. 

I bought this @ Watsons during their private member sales too! These two are going at only $20!
I admit I wasn't a big fan of Kate because I was more fascinated at prettier packaging such as DollyWink and K-Palette. However, $20 for a liquid liner and gel mascara? This, I cannot miss. The liquid liner is a brown shade which goes on natural and stays on really well! In fact, it is better than the Hypersharp liner I swear by. Shall do a review on this soon-ish. The gel mascara is black though I wish they gave the brown ones to go with the liquid liner. No complains though!

Gotten this mad cute and chio iPhone casing at Taobao! Anyone up for a preorder? :p This bling bling thing only costed me a fraction of the price as compared to outside (retail price might get up to $90). Although there was the Rilakkuma ones too, I thought that this was too cute to pass up on :x Sorry Rila-Kun.

And my very useful Rilakkuma cookie/sandwich cutter! Got it @ $7.50! Can be found at The Pony Party!
They have limited instocks and the owner is very friendly so do support if you are a huge fan of Rila-kun.

And I hereby conclude my haul post! I will blog more this coming week so do stay tuned for more updates!
Ending off with a very blur selca because my hands shook :<

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. Hey, is it possible if u can help me preorder the melody iphone4 casing? The light pink melody with the light pink ribbon. (:(:


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