Tuesday, 11 September 2012

#174; Lens Review - GEO Super Angel Brown (XCM- 214)

I'm back with a lens review! I realized I have been focusing a lot on nail tutorials/DIY tutorials that I have neglected my ever popular lens review.
Therefore, today's review will be on the GEO Super Angel Brown (XCM-214). Gotten this pair of lenses a while back because back then, I was still mad in love with GEO lenses and i.Fairy was a newly launched brand.

Here they are in the lens casing. The design is very basic although I thought the edges resemble flower petals. Either way, the colour for this series is a very vivid and vibrant shade (I expected the colour from this series to show up better on my eyes). 

Some pictures of how they look like under different light settings;

The top picture is taken under normal room lighting and the bottom is taken under flash from camera.

So, here are my verdict on them!

Comfort; 8/10.
Comfortable enough for a GEO lens. I used to dislike GEO lenses after trying i.Fairy but this one gives me no problem at all! Mad love! I can wear this for up to 9 hours and only needed some eyedrops after that. I even fell asleep with these lenses on while working :x

Price; 9/10
Mad cheap okay! GEO lenses back then when I bought them, were priced at $8-10/pair and I bought in bulks! So it was cheaper! And these pairs can really last me for a year if I took proper care of them. I bought them before and they really did last me a year before I disposed them.

Colour; 6/10
Well...these aren't too vibrant as I expected them to be. But they are really obvious under harsh lighting/flash. And I like how these are so naturally brown. I'm becoming a fan of chocolate coloured lenses/lenses that blend in with my natural eye colour.

Enlargement; 8/10
Gave this pair a fairy high score because the enlargement is visible but not so huge that I feel and look weird. I like how this make my eyes all sparkly and pretty.

Yeaaap! I will if I could find a shop that sells them close to/the same rate as what I have gotten back then. Else, I would invest my funds in a pair of luxury lenses instead (so many designs!)

And how could I miss out selcas with my lenses on?

I will be back tomorrow with another post!
And, I am mad upset now but I still managed to blog.... Chubby Cheeks have entered into his national service. Le sigh.

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. You are looking good with the lens. I have given up on lens because of the drying effects so am comfortable with my glasses.

    1. Oh :? Maybe they aren't suitable (: If my eyes are dry, I usually use rohto eyedrops. They work wonders in soothing my tired eyes!


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