Wednesday, 12 September 2012

#175; NS isn't the end

If you have been following my blog or twitter, you would have known that Chubby Cheeks has already entered NS. And I am thoroughly upset because I can't get to see him anytime I want or text him as and when I like. But no matter what, I believe we can make it through and I thought I would make a post of the top five reasons why you shouldn't let relationships go sour because of NS.

#1; Worry less!

Face it girls, when he is out and about without you, you're always worried that he will bump into his old flame or someone amazing. And somehow, you will envision them falling madly in love and he will just dump you. No matter how amazingly sweet your boyfriend is to you, there are times when you doubt his words and actions. You just can't help it. Raging hormone levels and PMS makes the insecurity worse somehow.

And therefore, NS can help you alleviate those worries about him. Who can he text other than you? #OverlyAttachedGirlfriendHere. While he is in camp, you can safely tuck those insecurities away because he can't meet anyone new/amazing there unless he is gay. And every book out, he will have to spend them with you! 

#2; More girlfriend time!

Have your friends been complaining at the lack of shopping time with you? Well now that your boyfriend is in NS, you have more girlfriend time. You are able to buy more pretty clothes to wow your guy when he books out! You will also be able to have a good gossip about guys and compare whose boyfriend is more awesome (that kinda happens unexpectedly...somehow). Bitching about some mean girls will definitely pull you and your friends closer and you will be able to bond better.

Unfortunately, this does not applies to me. Because... I am in lack of a good confidante. I don't talk well with girls because of the drama that comes attach with every girl I have met so far. I don't like how some girls can back stab their closest friends without feeling remotely guilty and maybe I am just different from other girls. I prefer guy games somehow and I am proud to say that I am better than some guys :x 

Have you been neglecting your hair? I know I have. Because I can't bear to throw my beloved Chubby while I am taking the longest shower of my life. I admit I have been skipping my once a week hair mask and my hair is now at its worst - splint ends, rough uneven frizzy hair. Ugh.

Pre-NS, I couldn't bear to throw my Chubby one alone because every second seems to count. One second doing something remotely "ME!" means a second lesser of "US" time. And therefore, I stopped doing hair masks, doing face mask, doing manicure and pedicure. Now that Chubby one is in NS. Every second without him feels like forever. So I thought, why not utilize this time to pamper myself more. 

I can now do my hair mask, facial mask, foot mask, whatever mask without worrying that I am neglecting my Chubby one. I can now bake, learn to cook and do manicures for myself. Plus point? A more pampered me means a happier and prettier me!

#4; Distance makes the heart grow fonder

If you truly love your significant other, no matter how much the distance and time apart, you will still love him.  In fact, missing him will make your heart grow fonder. You will appreciate every second together. Although it is difficult at times, it will definitely make your relationship grow stronger because both of you will cherish each other more. 

He will be able to think back on those times spent with you and appreciate what an awesome girlfriend he has. You will be able to fully appreciate his every actions that you have overlooked once. For example, how he always seem to remember the minute details about you that are seemingly trivial but important to him.

#5; Chubby no more.
Have you gotten a little chubbier having been pampered/pampering your guy? Now is the perfect time to get on that diet plan you have always been nagging yourself about. Your guy will definitely lose those flabs when he goes to camp and you don't want to feel like a fat whale beside him, right? RIGHT? He will also exude all his manly charms after having gone through the hardships that comes with NS. And he will get to grow up and be all matured!

And I hereby conclude all my reasons. I don't know if this applies to everyone, but I think NS shouldn't be the reason why girls should end their sweet relationship. True, it will be hard to live without him for a few days, but face it, both of you will come out a better person. It will also make your relationship a better and more honest one. Do let me know what you think and do leave me a comment below if your boyfriend is in NS and what do you do to survive those "tough ages" without him!

P/S; I am still looking for that girlfriend who can bond with me! LOL. 
PPS; I am starting my own online store to busy myself as well as earn some side income! Do support me when it is done alright?! :D

I will be back with more post ranging from advertorials to lovely DIY projects, so do remember to check back on this space everyday!

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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