Thursday, 13 September 2012

#176; Your secret to comfy eyes all day, everyday

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You're probably thinking that I'm going to introduce some new contact lenses or seller. Well, you're partially correct, because today I will be talking about a product that will help you to achieve sparkly and comfy eyes all day, everyday!

Today, I will be introducing a new product that I received courtesy of Omy.Sg and Abbot Medical Optics (AMO). Contact lens wearers would know that lenses should be properly cleanse with disinfecting solution after every usage. Even more so, if your lenses are monthly lenses! I was given a choice between two different cleansing solution produced by AMO and I chose the "RevitaLens OcuTec Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution".

I chose this cleansing solution because it sounded super good! The RevitaLens OcuTec requires less rubbing time and is designed for wearers who use their lenses for long hours at a time! Just perfect for me. 

I must confess, I am an extremely lazy contact lens wearer and most of the time, I couldn't be bothered to wash my contact lenses for more than a minute. And I wear my lenses for a long period of time because of work/heading out for a date. Therefore, I thought that this disinfecting solution is really (literally) the best solution to having comfy eyes all day!

The technical terms of what the RevitaLens Ocutec formula can do to help keep your contact lenses clean and comfy!

Inside the trial pack that AMO mailed to me, is a 60ml bottle of solution and a white lens casing. 
Do you know that you should change your lens casing occasionally? This is because there may be a build up of harmful bacteria that may damage/irritate your precious eyes!

The trial 60ml bottle of solution is unlike any other brands of solution. Mainly looks like a calamine lotion bottle! Anyone sees the resemblance? Either way, this cute design definitely caught my attention! Because of the way the bottle is designed, it is easier to grip.

Now on to the RevitaLens OcuTec formula.
I have tried many different brands of solution in a quest to find the perfect one that requires less rubbing time, cleanses my lenses properly. I rely heavily on contact lenses and therefore, I have a very high expectation when it comes to disinfecting solution. 

Some brands (shall not disclose) does not properly rewets my lenses and I am forced to live through the agony of dry lenses after the 8th hour of usage. Other brands, does not properly cleanse my lenses and I would find red veins/have sore eyes after long hour of usage. However, I have been using the RevitaLens OcuTec Formula since I received it and faced no problems. This is because.... Please focus on the fine print one the bottle. See the word "disinfects" and "rewets". Now you know why!

And according to the brochure which was mailed along with the product, this solution maintains the antimicrobial activity in the lens casing! Which simply means that there are lesser bacteria having a pool party in your lens casing.

Cute bottle must camwhore a bit la! Pardon moi.
And since I'm mad nice! Which I feel I always am, I included a picture of how to properly clean your contact lenses with the RevitaLens OcuTec solution.

This solution is available at Watsons or any optical shop so if you're interested to get it, just drop by at any outlets!

A last shot of me and my sparkly healthy and sore-less eyes!
I think I quite pretty here leh. #thick-skinned
I honestly think that my eyes are the prettiest part of my face and that's what Chubby One and a lot of other compliment me on. So I definitely do value my eyes a lot and you should too!

Disclaimer; Yes, this product was sponsored by AMO but my reviews are 100% truthful. And I wouldn't joke around with something as important as my/your eye health. You only have one pair of pretty eyes so don't compromise them! Cleanse your lenses properly with the right solution and never ever use tap water to clean your lenses no matter how desperate you are.  You should also discard any remaining disinfecting solution after 3 months of usage because of hygiene purposes. *nags*

That's all for now and I hope that you have enjoyed this review! Do let me know if you have tried this product out by leaving me a comment below/formspring me a question if you have any or tweet me @amandamisaki ! :D

Until then much loves from,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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