Saturday, 15 September 2012

#177; Haters gonna hate

I thought I would be doing an advertorial for today as the list of pending advertorials are seemingly adding up. ;___; Instead, SingPost is becoming increasingly lazy and refuse to deliver my sponsored items to me. Ugh. So today I will be touching on the subject of blogger ethics.

The blogosphere is a humongous one. Even more so, now that people are so connected to the internet. I first started out blogging when I was in Primary 6 and blogger was a new platform for people to post their daily happenings and thoughts. As the young kid I was, I frequented to better improve the design of my so called "journal". On and off over the years, I stopped blogging, created new blogs and laughed at my old ones but blogging has been an essential part of my youth. (Ugh, feel so darn old now).

I started this blog last year 2011 for a place to sort out my thoughts and feeling. And I didn't think that I would make it this far. I first started out with the mentality that I was just maintaining a personal day-to-day blog and that it would be fun to update it from time to time with no pressure. I didn't expect sponsors and advertisers. Least did I expect to make any money from my blog. And I thought that was what was awesome about my blogging mentality. I didn't go into blogging just for freebies and such. I went into blogging to make a point, to rant and to feel better.

Point taken; Increasingly large number of bloggers are in it for the money, freebies and the fame from the start. I am not saying its a bad thing. It is just that somehow, this people are taking their blogs way too seriously. They aren't enjoying the true essence of the so-called "blogging spirit". *wooooo...sorry lame pun* Some go so far as to have only one to ten posts on their blogs and they start to find sponsors/advertisers to pay them for advertisements. I hate how some people twist their blog stats, lie incessantly and even claim to be a "model" just so they can gain advertisers.

I know I might be a hypocrite, considering the fact that I hold giveaways to gain likes and followers. I would like to think that I did it for a reason. Before I started to create a page for my blog on Facebook (I stoutly say its for my blog and not for me because I am nothing famous), I have already hit the 100-200 visit everyday. And my blog was choke full of lens review. I thought it would be a good way to increase that number of blog visits by creating a fan page. Believe me, I debated a lot. I spent countless shower time thinking about it because I wasn't the type to be so thick-skinned. I started my page with about 20 plus likes and now I have gained 266 fans. Sankyu!

Some bloggers need to learn that blogging does not equate to bitching. Some people derive fame from other people's misfortune and that is plain wrong. Bitching about someone/another fellow blogger isn't gonna make you famous. True, your blog stats will increase by a lot but it will also lessen when people start to get tired of your incessant bitching. A blog is a place for you to post what you think your readers will like best. The reasons why anyone bothers to read your blog is because of the entertainment value that it holds. And in my opinion, if you bitch more than you blog, you're gonna start gaining haters.

I rather have 266 readers who reads my blog and love me than have 1000 readers, out of which 500 are haters. 

I think what I appreciate most from blogging is being able to meet new people, befriend some awesome bloggers. True, they aren't as famous as xiaxue etc. But really now, some lifestyle blogs that blog about their personal daily life are really interesting! In fact, most of my favourite makan places are found through blog-hopping through normal teenagers day-to-day's blog! I guess the reason being, most famous bloggers have money from sponsors etc so they can afford to eat at atas places. LOL.

Blogging taught me not to be selfish. I have what I have because of the people who supported me. Therefore, giveaways are a reward and an incentive to keep those 100-200 viewers per day. Some cheapos are in it for the freebies and they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Others, are in it because they are real readers and they truly enjoy what I blog. I really appreciate some of my overseas reader. Some are mad sweet only!

Blogging also taught me that haters are always gonna exist in your life. In life, there are always people sick and jealous of the fame you have and work hard for. They are always gonna bitch and talk about you and you just have to deal with it. Letting it affect you, will only let them haters win. And everyone isn't perfect. I am definitely not perfect and can list out a bunch of flaws.

I guess that's all. I guess I wanted to rant about someone that I encountered in the blogosphere but I decided that I didn't need to let it bother/affect me. Neither should I have any reason to gain any haters.

That's all for now and I'll be back with a new blog post tomorrow!

Much loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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