Sunday, 16 September 2012

#178; Sponsored Advertorial - Parapara Daisu

This is waaaaaay overdue okay! Mainly because it has been awhile since I wore nice clothes and went out. Remember this haul post a while back? I hauled two tattoo stockings from ParaPara Daisu! One had stars and unicorns all over it and the other is.... *drumrolls* Tsubasa S-leg inspired ones!

The two tattoo stockings laying side by side. 
Tattoo stockings are mad popular in Japan and has been featured in Vivi magazine as well as Popteen. Mainly because its like tattoos on your leg with zero the pain/regret later on. 

Tsubasa inspired S-leg collection.
I "lap" it over my arm so I can take better pictures of the design!
Mad love the bunny because it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!

This is how it looks on my fat legs. LOL. 
Tsubasa looks so slim in these stockings. I look so fat. Amanda F-leg (Fat-leg).
But I still mad love it because its sweet yet subtle.
Like, this is the kind of thing I would get if I could! Something simple yet madly elegant.
And yes, I have mao-y legs. Stop staring.

And this is the unicorn star ones. 
Seriously wish my legs were this slim instead of those radish looking like stubs.

Those pretty stockings on my fat legs!
One side has stars and the other has the unicorn thing. 
This stocking is super....outrageous. It's like the kind of thing you wear out and kena stomp that kind!
But it is really super pretty okay!

And a tumblr worthy pose (*ahem* in my opinion)
I like how all the stockings are so darn soft and silky! And they really do match my skin tone perfectly.
They are also highly stretchable so no worries about being unable to fit into these!
Since they are sheer stockings, they are able to conceal a little of my scars, which is a plus point because I have really ugly scars. 
Hey, I am accident prone.

So now, if you want to get these stockings or many other designs, just head on to Parapara Daisu Facebook page and add her up!
The owner is mad friendly and nice too. And she has many other things up for preorder. 
To tempt you, Parapara Daisu has 29 different designs of sheer stockings!
Includes Minnie mouse stockings (featured in Popteen on Kumicky), Lena Inspired stockings (shown on Vivi magazine on Lena!) and many other "famous" sheer stocking designs!
They also have those cat ears headband which are mad cute and many different designs of ear cuffs. Everything just looks so tumblr-ish.

Each tattoo stockings are going @ $13 each which is cheaper than other blogshops selling the same thing and the waiting time is about a week or two after preorder closes! Do join their preorder which is closing on 21 Sept~

And here's a random picture of me. Please remember my "pretty" *coughs* face instead of my fat legs. 
Thank you! :<

I shall be back soon with a new post but for now, do enjoy shopping over at Parapara Daisu

Much loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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