Tuesday, 18 September 2012

#179; Advert - Shop Pink Chiffon

Gonban wa!
I'm actually mad tired but I shall blog a short post before turning in because... I didn't blog yesterday night.
Just a heads up, a selling post will be up tomorrow. I will upload the items I have on my Facebook page (in an album) as well as in my blog. All items are brand new/in very good condition and selling them away because I'm short of cash :<

Anyway, today I will be doing a short advert featuring a new online e-commerce that I recently did up. I guess I was really bored what with le Chubby one going into NS. Plus I needed the cash for shopping/cover the bills. So pardon me while I do a very "Buey paiseh" self-advert.

Shop Pink Chiffon has everything that I like. And that's because I source everything on my own. The prices are okay compared to some other livejournal store selling the same item. Although items are strictly on a preorder basis for now, the waiting time is shorter (1-2 working weeks) than that of backorders from LJ stores (3-4 working weeks). Orders will be submitted every 15th and 30th of every month although there maybe cases where I have large amount of orders (cross all the toes and fingers) and I will be able to submit orders early!

The prices range from $6-$20 and there are tons of pretty accessories which I will be getting for myself! :p
And to tempt you guys, here are some peektures!

This one is I ownself take one hor! Chio right? One instock only! Shall put it up on selling post for a cheapzxc price just for tomorrow!

I guess my favourites from this collection would be the hairband, the super chio and step atas necklace as well as the iPhone casing! The black one super elegant please! 

Shop at Pink Chiffon now okay? And quote that you're a reader (okay, quote "amandamisaki" below your order form to get free normal postage! I iz very nice one).

Okay, will be back tomorrow! 
Night night!
P.S; If you plan on getting some stuff from the shop and need more pictures, don't hesitate to email me at the email stated there or use the contact form! I will get back to you within 48hours with more pictures/respond to enquiries! 

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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