Saturday, 22 September 2012

#181; Haul Post! :D

Now that I have successfully ended work, I shall now have more time on my hands to complete lots of DIY project, go out with Chubby and of course, blog more!
Having said that, I went to work on Thursday having expected that it would be the very end of the whole assignment. I was wrong. We (6 idiots) had to come back the next day. I was so very sian when I heard this, so I made up an excuse and skipped. LOL. 4 of us, me, Serena and two other dudes decided to head off to Dhouby Ghaut for a movie. 

Watched Step Up revolution again and as usual, it is still a very good movie! 
Then after that, Serena and me headed to Daiso where we proceeded to start shopping like we haven't shopped in a month (technically true). And I hauled tons of things!

Here is what I have hauled today. Okay, technically, not all in one day. Some of the hauls were bought online and only reached me through the post today! The total damage was close to $40+ but I felt I gotten quite a lot of things. So it was worth it. 

My makeup hauls! I haven't been buying a lot of contact lenses recently but have been cocentrating my efforts on stocking up my cosmetics. I haven't heard much about this Korean brand - Tony Moly but reviews for it is good! Gotten a compact powder (Super cute please!) and a BB cream as well as some free samples! All shipped from Korea. I really mad love the cute catty-ness packaging.

DIY stuff I hauled from Daiso. I really love the buttons cause they look so friggin Chanel inspired! Gonna do a DIY tutorial post featuring these lovelies soon! And I also hauled a lace tape for scrapbooking purposes.
Not shown here is a black crotchet lace zipper which I forgotten to include. It really is super chio!

Scrapbooking supplies! Can you believe that scrapbook I gotten is only friggin $2. Daiso is like the best place to shop. And I even gotten Little Twin Stars stickers. Okay, maybe the stickers weren't that cheap. But heck, it was cute and I bet that it is more expensive if its on display at a Sanrio store!

My Rilakkuma Handphone cleaner! Do not underestimate this little thing. Its actually pretty handy for making your screen clean. Actually gotten it on Wednesday but I wasn't in to collect the parcel from the Postman so I only did it today. 

And herein, concludes this short and sweet haul post.

Mad love my camera for taking such lovely shots of me. I mean... its me. WOMG. Friggin $500 well spent for a cammy like this.

Can't stop myself. I got like 10,000 more such photos in my camera now. But I shall not post them here. Like so zilian wtf. 
Going for a more subtle Korean-ish looking look instead of my usual half-way "Gyaru" style. LOL.
Do leave me a comment if you would like to have a makeup tutorial of this. 
Because, the eyeshadow part to make your eyes look this gorgeous is FTW simple but unthinkable.

Okay! Nights! I shall head to bed early because I am meeting my dearest Chubby one tomorrow. He is booking out for the very first time and we are gonna watch The Possession. Scare myself shitless and continue shopping for more DIY stuff plus some Slyvannian family cuties!

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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