Sunday, 23 September 2012

#182; Your Secret to Pretty little lips

I am always envious of girls with super fair complexion plus pretty soft lips! I have to go through so much effort to keep my lips feeling all soft :/ 
Worse thing ever is, I tend to have super dry lips. So when I kiss Chubby, he would always tell me "Your lips are so dry that they are cutting me!"  
So I thought I would share a few tips to keeping your lips feeling all soft for your love ones. 

#1; "Your lips are dry! Lick them, it will help!"
This is so friggin FALSE. Saliva tend to dry your lips further. True, they soften your lips a little at first but they will just dry them out later on. Drinking water will help your lips out better than saliva. 

#2; Always use a lip balm

Trust me, but this stuff really works for me. This Maybelline baby lips one smeells like Hi-chew candy grape and soften your lips to give you the literal "Baby lips". Mojitate Kajitsu Lip balm also works well for me. And after a few days of application, I can really feel the difference. If you're a cheapo and cute little lip balm that cost $6-8 doesn't appeal to you, you can invest in a huge bottle of vaseline that cost slightly more but the amount is super worth it.

#3; Lip Concealers? Do they work?

I am currently using the Candy Doll Lip concealer because I have... Uhm, very dark lips. LOL. Lipstick and lip gloss colour doesn't really show on my lips. So this concealer definitely does do my lips some justice. Invest in a good lip concealer because some products dry out your lips. This lip concealer from dollywink has moisturizing effect - Good for you. With a lip concealer, you can now pretty pastel coloured lips! 
Note; Applying too much of this, will just make your lips look extremely pale. LOL. Also, this doubles up as a concealer if your skin tone is near this shade of colour.

#4; Pretty pink/red lips

I probably have a lot of lipstick and lip glosses but I only have one lip tint. I really like how some lipgloss has so much colour pack into it that it gives you the appearance that you are also wearing lipstick (Candydoll glosses and Makeup Forever glosses are good in this point). In terms of nude colored/pastel coloured lipstick, the Candydoll ones are waaaay better than the cheap brands such as NYX. Personally prefer them because they don't dry my lips out the way the NYX ones do. Lip tints are also good for staining your lips. Perfect if you are gonna eat a lot (ahem, me) and you still want to have nice lip colour. I personally think that coral lips look best on me but red lips are also so darn fascinating (and a little harder to carry out).
I guess it's a pity that they do not have coral shade of lip tint that appears vibrant on the lips. Etude house just carries a pretty neon light pink that is so darn sheer on me. 

#5; Lip glosses

Lip glosses plays an important part in giving the very kissable lips but too much will just make you look like a pouty fish. Personally prefer the Mio Piccolo lip gloss to the M.A.C Lipglass because the Lipglass is a little too heavy whereas the Mio Piccolo one goes on really well (smells like roses, WTF). And the M.A.C ones costed me around $10+ (gotten at Smoochiezz) whereas the Mio Piccolo one costed me $2 from a shop at Tampines. LOL. Sometimes, cheapo products are really good. Then again, the best lip gloss I have ever used is from Candydoll. No qualms about the product at all.

And there you have it, all this combine should give you really good kissable lips. I personally prefer to put on lip balm first, then a layer of sheer lip gloss. Blot it out then slather on the lip stick and a final layer of gloss. But that's my personal preference. 

I changed my makeup style again, I feel more fierce now. HAHA. 
Okay, maybe not so much but I feel much more matured and I can get my makeup done in like 15 mins. 
Maybe... I will do a tutorial for this look.

Until next time kays! 
And guess who dropped by to visit my garden?

Chubby best friend :3

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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