Thursday, 27 September 2012

#183; TonyMoly CatWink BB Cream

I feel as if I am suffering from mid life crisis. Because, for the past few days, I have been procrastinating and not doing anything much. To summarize, the days flew by in a blur of books, going out with Mumsy and having sore eyes. 

I couldn't get myself to focus on taking enough photos for a blog post and have finally done so today. *hate self* On top of that, I wanted to do a tutorial but have changed my mind and will now just do a pictorial instead. small tiny heart cannot stand the thought of staying up late just to take pictures/videos (I blame "The Possession" for successfully ruining my streaks of late nights). 

Today's review will be on TonyMoly Catwink Shiny skin BB cream. What I can say about my makeup routine, is that I rarely use BB cream because it feels extremely heavy on my skin plus it clogs up my pores and gives me humongously outrageous breakout (not worth it for a day of flawless skin). 

Remember this photo from the haul post? :o
Hauled a BB cream as well as a compact powder. I can't bear to use the compact powder cause its asdfghjkl cute so I used the BB cream first.

Prior to this BB cream, I was using Palgantong's BB cream. When I first used it, I had break outs although they were relatively little, as compared to when I was using Face Shop's ones. I rarely use the Palgantong's BB cream because I still do not think it is worthy to have breakouts just for a few hours of fair skin. And when the time came, when I thought the BB cream should have been a part of my makeup regime, it has already "disintegrated" (oil came out instead of the proper cream). 

I shopped online and saw this BB cream and was just mad tempted because of the packaging. Plus, it was only going for $10.80. So on impulse, I bought it. 

Here is a blob of TonyMoly CatWink BB cream on my hands. It matches my skin tone which is good. However, a little drop goes a very long way because of the coverage it can provide. You also have to blend it in well.

After the "blob" has been blended in, you can see that it turns my hand into a fairer shade. But no worries there, nothing a little powder can't fix. Just use a powder which is close to the shade of your skin tone and dust it over. You won't look like a Pontianak (female ghost) after this step is done.

I like how it doesn't feel too oily on my skin. Like as if my skin can still breathe under all those cream and powder. Contrary to its "Shiny skin" name, it keeps my skin matte for the whole day. Maybe it's just me, but the Palgantong ones looks oily on my face and I had enough oil on my T-zone to make a full course dinner.

Le me without the BB cream. I was out to the nearby mall and didn't see the need for BB cream. 
Note the pimple scars at the left side of my fluffy cheeks as well as the healing pimple below my lips and my eyebags. Oh gawd my eyebags... FML.

A very blur picture of me with le bb cream. Lesser eyebags, no more pimple scars and pimple. 
Both self-shots were taken with iPhone front camera.
I really do love the TonyMoly CatWink BB cream as it has restored my faith in Korean makeup products. I am now an avid fan of the BB cream... at least, for this brand. 

Plus pointers:
- Does not cause breakouts
- Smells good, it smells I feel like a flower fairy wtf.
- Packaging is mad cute
- Coverage is good
- Cheaper than all other brands of BB cream, I have ever bought
- Has friggin SPF 25. I don't use sunblock but this has sunblock in it, so no qualms.

And that's all for this review. I will be back soon with more. I promise.

Hi, I thought I look Thai in this picture. Okay, I am done.

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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  1. nice review !! TonyMoly catwink BB cream really has cute packaging !! wanna to try it too :)


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