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#184; EyeMake Review - Diamond lash (Fairy eye)

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I have finally managed to synchronize and verify my blog with NuffnangX, so you guys can comment and I will be able to comment back even faster than before! Now I just wished someone could event a good app for bloggers to blog on their iPhone. Something like Candy by Ameba.

Today's blog post will be an eyemake review. I have been saying for close to a year now, that I will be doing some reviews on the millions of falsies that I have bought. But I never really gotten to it because I am a very lazy and procrastinating kind of blogger. So today's review will be on the Diamond lash (Fairy Eye) that I have gotten since May last year. And I did gave a pair away in my blog giveaway the other time. 

Them in their pwetty packaging! I like how they come in packs of 5. Like you can keep using them for a very long time plus, they do lesser damage to your pocket compared to DollyWink lashes. Packaging wise, lashes are placed on a plastic hot pink tray with a plastic sheet covering the lashes (as above). And it is pretty small so you can bring it around if you wanted to (I wouldn't do that with my DollyWink). Although the packaging isn't mad fancy, it does make it up with its price of $21.90 for 5 pairs. Definitely a better deal than DollyWink ($24.90 for two friggin pairs). 

On re-usability, I would definitely rate this a 10/10. They are really very durable. See how there are 3 pairs left on the tray. I gave one away and I have been using one pair since last year. Although it is not hygienic (couldn't care less being the cheapo way I am now), I really admire how durable these lashes are. Even after so many times of usage, they still retain their curvy shape. I can't say the same for other brands of lashes.

I have to admit that these are probably the most natural looking lashes in my whole falsies collection. The inner ends are shorter and sparse and the volume and length of the lashes increase as it reaches the outer ends. 

Here is how they look on my eyes. I like how they fit perfectly. They aren't mad long, long lashes aren't my thing. These lashes are perfect for day to day use (I am too lazy for that kind of thing, really). And the lash band is transparent and soft so it doesn't cause discomfort to my eyes. 

A closer look. My eye looks so chio from this angle! I guess, I am a very Chor lor (rough) person. I like to peel the glue from my falsies and end up distorting them to inhumane shapes. LOL. So I am really glad that these pairs lasted as long as they did. I am still gonna use them till they "lut mor" (strands of the lashes fall off).

And like always, I need to take a million and one photos of myself with the lashes! 
Here are the few shots that I really like!

On a scale of one to ten, I would rate the Diamond lash (Fairy Eye): 9/10
Great for its comfort and volume, these lashes are the best ones I have ever used and I really do adore them alot. Volume and length of these are good, same goes for the design. I would definitely re-purchase them again! 

If you would like to get them, just head over to ShopOnBlog
Although, their Diamond lash (Fairy Eye) is out of stock now, but I am sure there will be other lashes there that will capture your attention.

P.S: They shipped overseas too!
Note: I am not paid to do this mini advertisement for them, just thought that they are a good place to shop at.

A last picture of me showing off my pretty teeth! LOL. 
I will be back next month with lots of new posts, tutorials and hopefully a whole lot more interesting blog!

Amanda Misaki Sea

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