Thursday, 4 October 2012

#186; Lens Review - I.Fairy Keizen Blue

I iz back with a new lens review. 
I gotten this pair of I.fairy Keizen Blue sponsored to me and I thought I should do another review of these lenses. A more in-depth one, that is. 

The I.fairy Keizen blue is an older series but here is the new packaging. They are placed in small cute little vials with the most adorable labels. I don't think any sellers have the old packaging now, so please ensure that your I.fairy that you recently bought comes with this silver sticker (authenticity stickers). I decided to peel them off a bottle and tried sticking them back. They just turn translucent. LOL. So you would know if you're getting a fake!

The Keizen blues in their vials. There is a faint black limbal ring, not a solid one, so I don't think this pair of lens reinforces much on enlargement.

Here is how they look like in normal room lighting. I feel that they are a little dull, not a vibrant in your face blue. I feel, this is most suitable for beginners who wants a less vibrant blue. It doesn't really suit me. I guess, I am moire of a vibrant, warm shade of blue or browns. 

Senget face shot so senget cropshot. 
Bear with me!
If this were how the lenses look like under normal room lighting, I would love them to bits and pieces. However, they only appear in this nice shade of blue under harsh lighting and unless you carry a fluorescent lamp around while you're shopping, you won't get to see this shade much often.
Under harsh lighting, they look superbly pretty. Again, not much enlargement, but the colour shows up nicely. Note that there is a tinge of yellow-orange in the middle of the lens.

An unglam selca of me with extremely messy hair. HAIR Y U NO NICE AND MANAGEABLE?

Overall, I would rate these lenses: 6/10
- These lenses are really comfortable because of the water content in them. Like all I.fairys, they matched up to their standard. Prices are also slightly more than the conventional luxury and super barbie lenses but that's what is meant by "yi fen qian, yi fen huo" (you get the quality you paid for).

Again, the colour didn't appeal to me. I was disappointed because of this and the enlargement was advertised as 16.2mm but it made my eyes look small - like they were using 15mm lenses.
Wouldn't repurchase as I would like to try out other more vibrant colours but this is recommended if you're afraid of being too loud with your colour circle lenses!

And, I know I haven't been updating but I have planned out a giveaway! Hopefully there would be more people who participates?
Going on, I bake cookies for the sweet little Chubby one today! It was my first time making orange peel butter cookies but I am so proud of them! I gotten the recipe from a cookbook that I borrowed from the library and did some tweaks to it!

If you're interested in the recipe, do let me know and I will do a baking tutorial for it! :D

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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