Sunday, 7 October 2012

#187; Advertorial- S-hopit!

Hello! :D
I wanted to get this advertorial done asap for you girls to get in on the good deals but I was too lupsup for the whole week! Today's post will be about S-hopit and their awesome preorders! The owner of S-hopit mailed me two sets of pretty fake nails from their preorder and here it is.

S-hopit also mailed me a set of sticky things that helps glue the fake nails to your real ones!

And a collage/close up shot of the nails! Really love the false nails that S-hopit chose for me!

Inside each set there are about 20 pieces! I really like this nautical inspired one because its simple and because of the red bows which reminds me of Hello Kitty. This is perfect for dress down days as this does not have any 3D art on it~ Would definitely wear this out the next time I'm out! This set of nails are not pre-glued so sticky thing/nail glue is needed. Check out this tutorial to know how~

And this is super chio! Wore this out to town since Chubby One book out on Friday!
Chubby one commented that it gives a very Candydoll feel! HAHA!

Selca of me showing off my false nails! I like how it isn't very very long. Just the right length to do things and not be bothered by the false nails. Also, this set is pre-glued so it was so simple to just find the right pieces that fit my nails and stick them on! They were also elegant and classy!

Contrast of pwetty nails against my very scratched iPhone screen protector!
And I realise the fake nails on my thumb are a little crooked! They managed to stay secure and I could do all the things that I usually did without feeling bothered by them!

So, if you're interested in getting these pretty false nails at only $10/set, do hop over to s-hopit and shop away! These are also available for preorder! Mad cute~

Something cute like PIKACHUUUUU?

Or something elegant like this! AHHH! I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE!!

Or fancy some galaxy stuff? S-hopit has a wide range of skater skirts and galaxy apparels up for preorder too! :D

So don't wait, go shop and stock up your wardrobe with pretty pieces of awesome goodies! :D
S-hopit also has circle vintage shades, studded wallet and tribal stuff! So many things are up for preorder that you would be spoilt for choice!

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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