Monday, 8 October 2012

#188; Gyaru Makeup Tutorial ♥

Hey there!
I thought I should do as much makeup tutorials or tutorials as I could fit into the rest of my holidays. Therefore, here is a makeup tutorial that I hope is useful and easy to follow!
Here is my final look:

What do you guys think? No, I am not gonna hear any nasty comments. I will not let that affect me! :@
So, without further ado, here is the tutorial for this look!

What I use for this tutorial:
- Circle lenses (optional but recommended)
-Palgantong Theatrical Powder in Pearl beige
- Tony Moly Cat Winks BB cream (not shown)
- Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
- Cyber colours eyebrow pencil
- Etude House Gradation eyeshadow palette in Caramel Sepia
- Canmake eyelashes in No. 03
- Dollywink No. 13 Baby Girl

For the face, I am using TonyMoly Cat Winks BB Cream - which I did a review for and I think I can about qualify to be their brand ambassador now. I only need to use a little amount of this BB cream to cover my whole face! I also used Palgantong Theatrical Powder in Pearl Beige to make my skin look flawless! 

Circle lenses that I am using are - Puffy 3 tone Brown (You can get it at Uniqso, quote "AS10" to get 10% off your purchases!)
I am still very shy to expose my non-makeup face, so no pictures!
I went over my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Using an eyebrow pencil helps define your eyebrow and make it look neater! 

Remember this eyeshadow from my previous makeup tutorial? I'm reusing this because I love the colour of it.

 Eyeshadow in shade 1 is a white shimmer that acts as a base. Apply it in the area as shown in picture 01. Eyeshadow 02 is your main colour (a soft shimmery brown), I really love brown eyeshadow as it is neutral. Apply it in area shown. Eyeshadow 03 is applied below my eyes and in the area to highlight the eyes and the dotted area to make it "POP" (LOL, like all makeup gurus always use that term.)
You make click on the picture to enlarge the image for easy reference ^~^

For the eyeliner, I am sticking with a "droopy" eyeliner. Apparently that's how some popteen model draw their eyeliner. So not use to this because I always draw a cat-eye eyeline. When you close your eye it should look like a straight line as seen in pic two.

A clearer shot of the upper lashes- Canmake in No. 03 that I am using. I really love this pair of lashes because they look so natural! A review will be done soon and you can decide for yourself if this is worth its while! 

I apply my upper falsies near my lash line to make it look more natural. Also, I apply it further from the inner corner of my eyes so there will be the signature Gyaru cat eye look. Using DollyWink No.13 in BabyGirl, I apply lower lashes a little further from the tear line. This is to make your eye look bigger than it really is. And yes, lower lashes are asdfghjkl awesome so use them! Worried about the tiny gap between the lower lashes and the tear line? Well, just use a dark eyeshadow or a liquid liner to fill in the gaps if needed!

What do you guys think? Is there a big difference with and without the falsies? Definitely.
Okay, maybe not that much of a difference but I would rather have hot eyes then sleepy looking eyes (right).

To complete this makeup tutorial, I use the Candydoll lipstick in Apricot Beige (Buyable @ ShopOnBlog! They ship overseas too! :p). I also use a Candydoll lipgloss (I forgot which shade... *facepalms*). Now I have sexy eyes and kissable lips.

Some selcas for this Gyaru Makeup tutorial!~

Selcas from my iPhone:

And that's all for now! Do try out this look and let me know if you've succeeded! Also, do follow me on NuffnangX! :D I will be able to reply comments so much faster now!

Outfit for this look; 
- Bustier top from Poist SG
- Skater skirt from Cotton On.

Lastly, quote "AS10" at the checkout when you shop at Uniqso for a 10% off! (Overseas readers are in luck here!)

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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