Wednesday, 10 October 2012

#189; Angst-filled post

I guess I have been keeping this on my mind for a very long time. The reason why I didn't post this up earlier was because I believe that people should be given chances and have therefore waited (alas, in vain) for the concerned blogshops to reply me.

Just like handling a blogshop, there are limits to a blogger's patience that you should never cross. And I believe that what I am about to type in this angst-filled post is true to bloggers out there. I have read the blogs of Xiaxue, Qiuqiu and a lot of other famous bloggers in the blogosphere. And I have encountered a few of their angsty post directed against blogshops who think that bloggers are "cheap" and "disrespected and treated with disregard". At first thought, I thought these famous blogger queens are over reacting and I thought they were (frankly) quite wrong to diss someone's livelihood in that manner.  Until, I met the most horrible blogshops I have ever encountered in my years of blogging (technically a year plus, but a year is long enough).

I digress at this point by saying that I have met the friendliest blogshop owners out there. Honestly, I love to feel welcome and feel like I am an actual friend to these blogshop owners. So, I am truly glad that they would approach me for sponsorships and such. *tears* But much as there are good blogshop owners, there are bad ones too.... Meeting these blogshops are probably a bad bout of luck on my part.

These blogshops emailed me out of their own free will. I did not in any way, suggest that they sponsor me or advertise with my blog. I gave them the advertorial rates and sponsorship rates and they seem quite agreeable with it.  (Honestly, I don't think anyone else has as competitive a rate as mine. Go on. Find some self-assured blogger who think their 80 views a day are good and would charge you $50 for a post. While my blog has about 160-200 blog views a day and I would only charge you a friggin $35 for a post.) We exchanged emails a few times and had everything confirmed and just as suddenly, the blogshop disappeared from the face of the Earth. Like I stated, I will not pander to your beck and call. You approach me for an advertorial, which means you're responsible for finalising details and/or getting back to me. Then, this wasn't the worse.

Another blogshop emailed me and confirm all the sponsorship pretty fast. I thought "This was a done deal" and started to browse through that blogshop's album thinking how I could best present their items. She (I am assuming it is a girl) asked me for my address, I gave her my address, and... she disappeared off the face of the Earth. Is this a trend now? I waited a month for her reply, no such replies at all. You guys think my address is free and it's readily obtainable? Wtf.

At least, if you are no longer able to sponsor any items or find that you do not want to advertise with me anymore, let me know. Don't leave me hanging. Take it this way, what you are doing now is similar to this situation. Imagine you head into a 5-star restaurant, order something and then you walk out before the food arrives. You're already obligated to pay for the service but you just walk out like nothing happen. In a way, I think it's worse than people just MIA-ing on your "awesome" deals or instocks.

And before other people say that I am overreacting or that I am materialistic. I do not need the sponsored items. I could jolly well get the items that you're sponsoring me at Taobao for one-quarter of the price that you're selling. If I am as materialistic as you make me out to be, I would rather not offer sponsorship to tiny blogshops whom I have never heard of until you guys approach me. I would just choose to offer my services to blogshops who can pay and who has more gorgeous items. I bet that they are more trustable than you are. *scoffs*

Hereby, I would like to say that we (I am speaking on behalf of all bloggers) do not owe you anything. Just as your blogshop is your side income besides your pocket money, blogging is my side income. Standing up a blogger is probably the worse thing you could do and I can probably turn all bitch mode on you but I didn't. I could trash your blogshops here, because who would want to do business with people who stand others up. But I didn't. Because, much as I hope no bloggers would ever want to work with you guys, and your business fails terribly, I am not that mean to trash somebody's livelihoods. Unlike you guys.....

I hope this serves as deterrence for blogshops who feel as if they got nothing to do and would like to email bloggers and MIA. And if those blogshops (you know who you are) are unhappy with me after reading this post, you may email me your argument and refute. But I can assure you that I can and will post up all the emails you send to me, if you were to utter so much as an unreasonable point.

And please, for future blogshops who want to advertise. Don't ask me if I could advertise your friend's blog or your blogs for you on my personal blog. What am I suppose to say? Erm, read this? It's cool? No. Gain your own fame. I gotten this far out of my own personal hardwork. I don't just go up to Xiaxue or Qiuqiu or Miyake and say "Hey can you feature me in your blog? I am a blogger too!". This is bringing thick-skinned to a whole new different level. And this isn't just my opinion, I ask a fellow blogger and she voiced out the same opinions as me :)

I am nice. Too nice. If you want to know which are the above mentioned blogshops, just drop me an email :D

That's all for today.

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