Sunday, 14 October 2012

#190; Bugis+ with love!

I haven't been blogging for the longest time yet! 
So, I had a date with Chubby one and we were supposed to meet up at Bugis. But, he surprised me by turning up outside the MRT station just as I was about to tap-in. Somehow, I knew. LOL. And, somehow, his botak head caught my attention. 

It was still sweet of him though, to surprise me (I was not surprised :/, I'm sorry!). He had to wake up so early, forfeiting those precious extra hours of sleep! You know how much sleep means to guys serving the NS?! Imagine sleeping at 11pm and waking up at 5am. That's how little sleep you get. So it touched me a little that he was up so early for me. 

We headed to Clementi from there cause I wanted to collect this set of couple watches that I recently ordered from Gmarket! I was supposed to meet the seller up at 12:40pm but I was asdfghjkl late. And even though I was late, the seller's mum can still give me a big smile! Talk about nice! Didn't take pictures of it :/ But I will instagram it the next time I head out with Chubby! 

From Clementi, we headed to Bugis. Arrived at Bugis and the first thing we did was run off to Illuma (I still fervently believe Illuma sounds waaaay nicer than Bugis+ *scoffs*). The cinema at Bugis Junction didn't show "Sinister" but Film Garde does! Bought tickets then wandered around aimlessly, trying to settle down for lunch. I guess, the biggest problem between me and Chubby is because we are too soft-hearted and indecisive so we usually take a very long time trying to decide on a good place to have lunch. UGH.

Finally chose Subway and we settled down to have lunch! :D I wanted extra meat on my Cold Cut Trio. Friggin mouth-gasm but didn't :< After lunch, I wanted to get spicy chips for the movie. (Sorry lor, my tummy is a bottomless pit). So, we headed back to Bugis Junction to get chips (otherwise, dubbed as the bag of air) and some diet 7-up plus A&W root beer (tried the 7-up and felt as if bubbles would appear from my nostril). I shopped around and gotten a leopard printed scrunchie and a Rilakkuma vanity set! 

Le bad quality iPhone pictures. But here's the both of us smiling happily! :D
The movie, Sinister was scary. Freaky. Gory. Scary. I was all huddled up next to Chubby and munching on chips like a starved dinosaur. LOL. Recommend it to anyone who can take the scare! :D

After movies, headed to Bugis street and walked around! So many nice chio clothings! Chubby bought me a leopard printed screen protector! Mad love it and shall; proudly show them off in my next haul post! After walking around, I was getting hungry so we headed to Shokudo to nom.

Le badly taken Shokudo signboard!~

Chubby has slim down a lot but still has those signature chubby cheeks! Cute-ness okay! His botak head is eye-catching. *nods head in approval*

And... please don't hate me. But...

What Chubby ate! Chicken Omu curry rice!

What I ate!

Me taking photo of le randomly arranged face. LOL. Okay, I'm childish!

The food was good! Curry wasn't too spicy and I thought the egg was a little bland but a little curry on it, and it taste amazingly wonderful! Recommended if you are heading there and would like something Japanese x spicy.

I gotten Chubby one a coupon for ice cream but we didn't get to binge eat ice cream cause he had this most terrible cough and I didn't want it to get worse! Next time alright, Chubby One!
And that's all for now!

A cute shot of us two on the way home! :D

Until tomorrow! 
Much loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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