Monday, 22 October 2012

#193; Paradise Fruit Cafe

I always wanted to try out Paradise Fruit Cafe because of all those enticing fruit tarts. And I am an extreme fan of those crusts from the bottom of the fruit tarts. And so, Chubby Cheeks and me headed to Vivo on a Saturday. 

Apparently, everyone had the same idea to try out those awesome fruit tarts because there was a ton of people lining up and waiting for seats. Managed to get a place, after 10 minutes. By which, I have already decided what I was going to have. Chubby and I ordered a Chocolate Montblanc tart thing which was supposedly "baked hazelnut and chocolate cream atop a chocolate base" and something called a "Mango". 

Chubby looking all cute at me.
His cheeks is still chubby but he has slimmed down a lot kay! I am fat now. WTF. 
And the waitress at the back keeps photobombing all the photos I took of Chubby. *Overly attached girlfriend mode activated*

The chocolate Montblanc thing came first! I was so excited because I really do adore all things chocolately and this looks... tantalizingly awesome. 
Took my first bite...and I was wrong. First thought was: "WTF? Did I order roasted chestnut tart?!" 
Because this taste like roasted chestnuts...... Boyffie's face was adorable when he took his first bite. HAHA! But we realise... that there is a secret to eating this tart. It must be ate in a vertical layer (like a cake). Then, it would taste like swiss chocolate cakes. LOL. Still pretty disturbing.

Lesson learnt: Pictures are deceptive. And so are the names and descriptions. One does not simply go into Paradise Fruit Cafe and order something not fruit-ish. Or you are gonna have a bad time....
Boyffie said the chocolate on the top was nicer than the whole tart. LOLOLOL.

On to Mango!
I thought Mango would be disappointing. It was described as being on a cheese base.
Took a bite and I was in Food heaven. Boyffie ate this too and he closed his eyes to savour this Mango tart. 
It is soft, lemony, creamy and cheesy. All wrapped into a crusty tart. Ugh... craving for it now.

In fact, we were so wrapped up with the Mango tart, that the family sitting next to us ordered it too! Hahaha! Must have seen our food-gasm faces. 

Friggin love this so much that we ordered another slice. HAHA! 
Foodporn *faps, faps, faps*

Overall, it was a really good/traumatising experience. Do not geh kiang and try something which does not have fruits in it. It is called the Paradise Fruit Cafe for a good reason. The mango is a must have! And I think the teas are also wonderful. But Chubby and I didn't get to savour it because we were going to be late for a movie. 

I'm going to try more Mango flavors (they have a wide range)/strawberry tarts next time!!

Chubby smiling so happily because of those Mango tarts. Haha! And photobomb waitress again... wtf.

Until next time,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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