Friday, 26 October 2012

#194; NOTM - Etude House Mint Frappe

Today's post will be on my Nail Of The Month (NOTM). I wanted to do a nail tutorial, but it really does takes up a lot of time. So here, I am with a review x NOTM x mini pictorial all wrapped into one whole post. Firstly, I apologise for the mini hiatus. Now that the school term has started, it is taking me a long while to process my thoughts and take good photos for my blog. 

Nail Of The Month - Etude House Gradation Nail in Mint Frappe 

The name of this product sounds so darn delicious, it makes me want to drink Starbucks. *HINT*
I got this off Gmarket (honestly, there are alot of things there) for $4.90 during sales. But being the kiasu person I was, I opted for Registered postage. So the total added up to $7.90 (Etude's retail store sells at $12.90, if I remember correctly).

The item took a friggin long time to arrive, even though it was registered. It took like 16-18 working days.... Even my other hauls from Korea, arrive so much faster. Pffft. 

The shades of Mint Frappe looks so...cooling. They are labelled on top for convenience. I really like the 2nd shade! And each bottle is 4ml. So, if you are planning to get this, do save some money and just get it from Gmarket.

More photos of them. Ughhh so cute.

My short nails. For some reason, if I don't paint my nails, I would tend to bite them (bad habit :/). 
I started off with a clear coat of nail polish.

Please squint to see the difference ah. But this is after, I apply two coats of the number 1 shade. :/ Not very promising leh.

Finally got a little hint of colour! Two coats of number 2 shade. Thought they were a little darker. Me is wrong.

The glitter went on fairly uneven. Which was a little shocking. I finished it up with an OPI Top coat.
I went to their store and tried out Number 2 in their Gradation range - Kiss of Fire. It turn out all sparkly, pretty and really obvious that it is gradient-ed. But this one in Mint Frappe, looks all glittery in pictures and a hint of gradient in real life :/ Ahh well. 

Meh.. It looks like I have just pasted a few sequins on my finger tips :/ 
It looks better in real life and I think the harsh lighting make the gradient that less obvious. 

Ratings: 5.5/10
Just passed ratings. For $4.90, I guess this is okay. The colours went on easily and it dries easily. However, the colour really wasn't what I was expecting. Guess they slather it on gao gao to make the colours "POP". 
I wouldn't repurchase the Mint Frappe again but I might consider getting Kiss of Fire or Lovely Violet. Both looks good! Kiss of fire is pink. I guess pink gradient nails are still the loveliest. 

I guess, that's all. Tell me what you guys think of this product and if you have tried it before, leave me a comment below. Also, I am getting another one from the Etude House Gradation Nails line. So do leave me a comment below - Kiss of Fire or Lovely Violet! I might just give them away! :p

P.S; A really short post, but I promise that I will be back tomorrow with an awesome advertorial on where you can get Beuberry lenses, large diameter lenses (Vanilla shake, Pandora etc.), I.fairy and even GEO princess mimi at a very affordable price! Do return back tomorrow!

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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